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Exploring various other places outside of New York State, including Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

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Blue Ridge Parkway
Buchanan, VA
Monterey, Virginia
North Creek Campground
Palisades Interstate Park
West Virginia

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It's those dang second graders who are ruining America.

"A class of second-graders is celebrating victory this Thanksgiving now that the state has agreed its highway signs should recall cooperation between Pilgrims and Indians rather than conflict."

"Bowing to the children's protests, the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority said Wednesday it had commissioned a new logo to replace the road's present symbol of a Pilgrim hat with an Indian arrow shot through its middle.The redesign was spurred by teacher Barbara Skolnick Rothenberg's second-grade class who were studying Miles Standish and the other colonists who stepped onto Plymouth Rock in 1620."

(Mount) Mt. Storm Lake

Want to go swimming in a lake at 3,100 feet elevation in West Virigina during the winter?

"A 1200 acre, massively heated thermal lake at 3,100 feet elevation above sea level. A 1.6 GigaWatt coal burning power plant, owned and operated by Dominion Virginia Power, super heats Mt. Storm Lake 20 - 25 degrees above normal. Fall temperatures can still be in the 90's (93 degrees on 9/17/05) while summer temperatures approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The power plant supplies 2,000,000 people in the DC area with their power. The power plant consumes 15,000 tons of coal per day and sucks up 234,000 gallons of water per minute to cool it's turbines (entire lake recycled in 2 1/2 days). Popular with scuba divers in the tri-state area practicing high-elevation dives, this rural lake is up to 160 feet deep and miles across. Locals call this Lake "Vepco". It will likely soon be more popular with parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, and more with scuba divers as it is discovered and when the new Rt. 55 Corridor-H Super Highway opens an exit ramp just a couple of miles away near the Liberty Gas Station and Convenience Store (2010). "