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Map: Saratoga Sand Plains Wildlife Management Area

Map: Saratoga Sand Plains Wildlife Management Area

Saratoga Sand Plains Wildlife Management Area (WMA) The primary purposes of the Saratoga Sand Plains WMA is for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA is a matrix of 700 acres of state lands on several separate parcels. The majority of the acreage is in two contiguous parcels - Camp Saratoga and the Old Gick Farm - that lie east of the Northway, west of Route 50 and south of Ballard Road. There are two additional parcels located off nearby Colebrook Road. Saratoga Sand Plains is associated with the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park Study Area and is located within a state-designated Priority Conservation Area and the state and federally-designated Karner blue butterfly recovery areas. DEC works closely with its partners - Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park, The Nature Conservancy, Town of Wilton, Town of Northumberland and Saratoga County - to manage these lands. Visit the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park web site at