Google Maps: NYS Urban Population Density

This map shows the population density of every census tract in New York. Due to limit color choices, you can see that most of the state is very blue and unpopulated compared to some census tracts in New York City. For example, Census Tract 9702, Delaware County, New York (Meridith) has 24 residents per sq mile while Census Tract 138, New York County, New York (Upper East Side) has 187,211 residents per sq mile.

Google Maps: Population Change, 2015-2010

This map shows the difference between the 2010 and 2015 population estimates for each city, town, or borough in New York State. While most counties upstate overall are losing population, many upstate suburban municipalities are gaining population as people leave the cities. Downstate population continues to grow at a rapid pace, as people continue to move to the metropolitian region.

You can download the latest census population estimates here: