Brookfield in Madison County, NY
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Brookfield is a town in Madison County, New York, United States. The population was 2,403 at the 2000 census. The Town of Brookfield is located in the southeast part of the county. The county agricultural fair is held here every year.

I knew Friday would be a bit of a haul out to Brookfield. I got stuck at work until 5:30 and then because of traffic jam and my general dislike of expressways decided to take US 20 all the way across from the state office campus. I had to stop at Stewart’s to get nightcrawlers, which further put me behind schedule.

It was kind of a crazy drive out to Brookfield. I caught the Tornado warning first on WAMC and then on the CB/Weather radio on my truck. I decided to duck down to Cobleskill and take a southerly route to Brookfield. I saw the super-cell was impacting travel on US 20 and decided to take a southerly route. Dime cell hail and 60 mph wind as the warning announced could ruin a weekend if not much of the summer with the truck in the body shop.

Once I got to Cobleskill, I checked the radar and decided to head up NY 10. I was thinking of taking NY 80 across via Cooperstown and Edmensted but decided against it based on the radar and the fact that if I was going to be driving through yet another thunderstorm I’d be best to take US 20 which is wider with four lanes and breakdown lanes. Traffic also is light.

US 20 was dry until I got past Cherry Valley Exit and the sky started to turn black. No rain for a bit but sky turned as black night, then heavy lightening. It was a few drops until I hit a wall of rain. Had to slow down to 30 mph because the wipers couldn’t keep up. I pulled off and got the defroster cranked. Got back on US 20 and within 5 minutes the rain stopped.

I decided to buy kiln-dried firewood at Stewart’s in Richfield Springs. Eight bucks with tax but beaten sitting in the dark and wet. This was a very good decision as the rain started to pour again the other side of Richfield Springs. Made it to Brookfield around 8 pm.

The rain let up when I got to Cherry Ridge Camping Area. But still raining a bit. Got the tarp up and set up camp. The fire got going well, thanks to the firewood I bought. The rain stopped and it turned out to be a nice evening. Glad I sprung for the firewood. Around 1:30 am, started to rain again but by then was in bed.

The morning is beautiful and I will be heading out fishing and paddling later today.