William C. Whitney Wilderness

The William C. Whitney Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, is located in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County. It is bounded on the east by Hamilton County Route 10, on the south by lands of Whitney Industries, on the west by private lands owned by The Nature Conservancy and the Brandreth Park Association, on the northwest by the Remsen to Lake Placid Railroad right-of-way, and on the north by other private land holdings. The area contains 12 bodies of water covering 4,286 acres (17.1 km2) and 20 miles (32 km) of foot trails. The area is named for William C. Whitney, who was an American political leader and financier.

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New York State
Hamilton County
Lake Lila
Little Tupper Lake
Auger Falls
Blue Mountain Lake Wild Forest
Blue Ridge Wilderness
Essex Chain Lakes Complex
Fawn Lake
Indian Lake
Indian Lake, New York
Jessup River Wild Forest
Limekiln Lake
Limekiln Lake, NY
Moose River Plains
Northampton Campground
Sargent Ponds WF
Sargent Ponds Wild Forest
Siamese Pond Wilderness
Thirteenth Lake
Utowana Lake
Wells, NY
West Canada Lake Wilderness

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Map: Lake Lila

Map: Lake Lila

Lake Lila is a 1,400 acre (5.6 km²) Lake in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area, in the town of Long Lake, in the west-central portion of the Adirondack Park.

Lake Lila is the largest lake in the Adirondack Park whose shoreline is entirely state-owned; it is the twenty-second largest body of water in the park. The southeastern portion of Lake Lila is an extensive wetland drained by the Shingle Shanty Brook, which feeds the lake; the lake is drained by the Beaver River. The lake is bordered by 2,220-foot (680 m) Mount Frederica.

There are 24 primitive campsites, 18 of which are accessible only by boat. Boats must be hand-launched, and motors are not permitted; there is a 0.3-mile (0.48 km) carry from the parking lot to the lake.

Map: Little Tupper Lake

Map: Little Tupper Lake

Little Tupper Lake has 23 primitive campsites on the lake, available on a first- come, first-served basis. Motor boats are not allowed on Little Tupper, but canoes and kayaks are easily launched from the beach at the Department of Environmental Conservation Little Tupper Headquarters area. There is an informational kiosk and ample parking.

Directions: Drive north of Long Lake, and make a left onto Sabattis Road (County Route 10). When you get to Little Tupper Lake on your left, cross the bridge and continue left. The headquarters is another 1.5 miles on your left.