Auger Falls

This 40 foot falls is at the beginning of a series of drops, plunges and cascades totaling over 100 feet though this narrow gorge lined with Hemlocks on the Sacandaga River. Many potholes can be seen along the edge of the gorge when the water level is low.

5.0 miles N. of Wells. From Wells, drive N on Rte 30 to the junction of Rte 30 & Rte 8. Continue another 1.7 miles on Rte 30 & turn right into a dirt parking area. Park and walk back towards Rte 30, and follow the old dirt road to the left, which parallels Rte 30. At the end of the road, look for the DEC register, marking the beginning of the trail. Follow the colored DEC trail markers for 0.3 mile to the top of the falls. You'll hear the roar of the falls shortly after you start the hike.

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Auger Falls
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Map: Auger Falls

Map: Auger Falls

The most common way to get back to Auger Falls is via an unmarked parking area along NY 30. Keep your eyes open on the right after you stop climbing the hill past where NY 8 turns off of NY 30. This trail leads you to a hill above the falls, which provides the best views of the falls. You can also hike back in from Griffin via an old woods road, however this snowmobile trail only provides limited views of the falls.