The Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest is a 92,000-acre (370 km2) tract made up of almost 2 dozen non-contiguous parcels that are designated as Wild Forest by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in the central Adirondack Park. The area contains 44 ponds and small lakes, and portions of the Hudson and Boreas Rivers. The area supports hiking, birding, snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, hunting, camping, canoeing, and fishing. The area is served by NY-28.

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New York State
Essex County
Balfour Lake
Blue Ledges
Camp Santanoni
Goodnow Mountain
Hewitt Eddy Trail
Lester Flow and Cheney Pond
Rankin Pond
Santanoni Preserve

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Map: Cheneny Pond And Lester Flow

Map: Cheneny Pond And Lester Flow

You can drive down to Cheney Pond via an unmarked road along Boreas Road, on top of a hill with a pull-off. The road is somewhat rutted but there is a drive-in campsite at the bottom of the road. From there, you can paddle across Cheney Pond and follow a narrow but navigable stream down to Lester Flow, which is little more then a still water in the Boreas River. At one time, Lester Flow was a all flooded but the dam is long gone, just leaving the still water. Also on the blog under this category are orthphotos with campsites and roads shown.