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Good morning. I hope your Monday is going well so far this morning. We are now up to 52 degrees and cloudy. No rain yet. A week and a half until Christmas.

Next Saturday is the Save the Pine Bush Hike assuming Big Red gets me there. I should have the battery back in then by then. Despite leading the hike, I have no idea when it is but my guess is that it’s bright and early at 9 AM at the Discovery Center.

I am looking at heading out to the Adirondacks for the Christmas weekend. I finally should have the propane lantern working and with the heated tent it should be a lot of fun as long as it’s not a blizzard or below normal cold, it should be a lot of fun.

I’m kind of glad winter has held off for a while but don’t expect the warm temperatures to last. But longer days are coming soon and before you know it will be spring time.

As we move through the 9 o’clock hour, we are at about the freezing temperature. I got somewhat of a late start this morning as I was not used to waking up to the cold and having to climb out of bed to turn up the heat. Camping can spoil you.

It was a beautiful trip up through the Adirondacks on Friday. I haven’t been up to Plattsburgh in years and haven’t driven the Adirondack Northway in late fall on a clear day in years. The Greens and Northern Adirondack Mountains were crystal clear, driving along the Northway. If there were more legal spots to stop along the Northway and I had more free time, I would have stopped and grabbed more pictures. Photos are nice, but I always have memories too.

Without my phone working I didn’t have have Waze, so no advanced warnings of police traps. I normally rely on the Waze speedometer, as the truck’s speedometer is off, especially as you increase in speed. I blew past of famous police traps in Keeseville, as you descend past Pok-o-Moonshine, around 64 mph on the Big Red speedometer which is over 70 in real speed. I saw cop glance at his radar unit but he didn’t stop me. I eased off the gas for the rest of the trip.

Finally make it to Plattsburgh a little after 12:30, then stopped at Gander Mountain to look around in buy some 20-gauge deer slugs. I knew I wasn’t necessarily going to drop a deer while I was up there, but figured it would be better to have them not. I was annoyed that they asked to see my drivers license and took down my license number when I bought them. Its just kind of creepy, especially as Cuomo hasn’t implemented his ammunition database, as I don’t really like the idea of government or a private business keeping track of what I’m buying. I don’t have to give them my drivers license to buy almost everything else like beer and cigarettes, especially now that I look well over 21 years of age.

Stopped at Plattsburgh State and walked around. Even with my jacked up truck, finding street parking was not difficult on Drapper Ave. There always seems to be parking there. A lot has changed and a lot has remained the same on campus. There was a new building on Drapper Avenue, which made me almost miss my turn to that road. Hawkins Hall is mostly the same. The Hudson Hall Annex is new but that was under construction. They are demolishing and rebuilding the elevated walkway around campus. I was hoping to stop by the Political Science department and see some of my old professors but the department was all closed up. They may have been teaching classes. It seemed like there was a lot more African Americans on campus then I remember from back when I went there. They recruit from all over the state, and recently have been offering free tuition to local students who have an ‘A’ average. Snapped a few pictures for memory’s sake.

Stopped at the Plattsburgh Municipal Library so I could get on the wifi to try to switch over phone to an old but partially working phone. While the StraightTalk website was up, it took a while to figure out how to make it work for that purpose. At first I could not figure out how to switch to an old phone, but eventually got it to work. Killed probably another half hour doing this, and by the time I was back to my truck it was quarter to 2 PM.

I had previously planned to leave Plattsburgh no later then 2 PM. This would get me to either the Deer River area or CC Dam Association / Brasher State Forest camping areas before 4 PM or somewhere there around depending if I had to make any stops. I did have enough time for a quick trip over to Point Au Rouche, but by then I was pushing 2 PM so basically I went to the beach, walked out on it too and snapped a quick few shots. Not having my phone to give me directions, I wanted to make sure I left plenty of time to get up there, lest I get lost or have to drive in the darkness. I was finding my way exclusively by memory of six years ago and the times I’ve made maps of state forests and studied road maps. Fortunately I have pretty good map memory.

NY 190 was as boring and congested route as always. There was two different speed traps on the road but I limited my speed and kept my truck a safe distance from cars ahead of me which were constantly stopping and turning. The sky turned gray over this super boring road in Indian and wild hillbilly country out by Altona. The wind and then snow squall picked up. It was frigid by the time I arrived in Malone. At least the snow wasn’t sticking at that point as the mercury still read about 35 degrees.

To be continued. I’m near my destination stop.

Good morning on this sunny Tuesday morning. Currently 32 degrees and quite sunny. The sun makes it feel a lot warmer than freezing. Later it will be sunny, with a high near 50. Light and variable wind. The sun will set at 4:31 PM and tonight will have 14 hours and 16 minutes of darkness. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low around 26. Light southeast wind.

Today the CDTA Bus Time is not working so I couldn’t check for real-time updates on the bus service which was kind of disappointing but it really doesn’t matter as the bus running on time.

This morning I caught two mice in the traps I set out. I reset them and I’ll see how many more I catch. I think I will then get some spackle and patch up the hole in the wall. I don’t care that much about it in the grand scheme of things.

I am glad that the winter has held off so long. I like snow but hate or more like despise road salt. Once I do my North Country trip I think I will be more pro-snow but if it holds off, it’s more opportunity for roadside camping. That said I’m all for snow once it comes, and I look forward to doing more winter camping this year. It should be a nice winter or so I tell myself.

It was 22 degrees at daybreak this morning but it is rapidly warming up with the clear skies and at the 9 o’clock hour we are well clear of freezing at 38 degrees. Later today we will get up to around 60 degrees which is about 10  above normal. While it will drop down to around 42 degrees at 9 PM it will be clear and good for continuing to view the meteor showers. Lately, you haven’t had to look too hard to see shooting stars.

It’s November. Like usual the sun is setting early. Sunset is at 4:39 PM and twilight around 5:08. If you’re a 9-5 worker that means there will be a little bit of light remaining to walk to your car or at bus stop but it gets dark before you’re home. I know it sure gets dark early in the woods for camping. I kind of like long evenings but not how short those days are.

Probably not heading up to North Country for the second half of week. The weather looks pretty crappy for the second half of week after Veterans Day and I really don’t have that much vacation time left over. Rain is predicted for Massena from Wednesday through Saturday. Even if it was July, those would be miserable conditions. Unless it remains snow less into December, I think I can cross the North Country trip off the plans until at least next year. I probably should have done the trip for the first half of the week.

Good morning. Currently 39 degrees and light rain is starting to come down. Heavier rain this afternoon and evening. Up to two inches of rain throughout the day.

Chewing over whether I should get a camping permit and stay through full four nights up at Brasher Falls State Forest on my November trip. I don’t know, it probably makes more sense at least one night to camp somewhere else. It’s a bit hard to know what days to request as that will vary based on the weather.

No one real plans for the weekend, a lot will depend on when I have to work. The following week I will be more free to do what I want. That may be the weekend I head up to the North Country. Thanksgiving weekend also looking to go up north, but in that case it will just be the Southern Adirondacks most likely.

Good evening. Currently 54 degrees with an occasional breeze that has seemed to die down in the past hour or so. For the first time in a while I went for a nice evening walk. Between various events, vacation, and weather, I hadn’t been out for my walk in a while.

There are some rain showers on the way for the greater Albany area in a bit, but I don’t expect low temperature below 41 or so. Sunny tomorrow but much cooler with a high around 52.

It sucks that Veterans Day is on a Wednesday this year. I want to take a long weekend in November, so I guess I could take two days of plus Veterans Day. Still looking at going to Brasher Falls State Forest and camp / hunt up in the North Country mid-November. We will see. I’ve taken a lot of time off from work already at this point, I’m not sure how much more I can ask for off.

So earlier in the week I start looking at propane camp heaters and pricing them out. When I was down in West Virginia one of the hunters I was hanging out was talking about how great they are in the morning and how you can use them to blast heat into your tent or truck camper in my case. A cold morning ain’t so bad with a hot blast of heat. This year I’m increasingly serious about winter and late fall camping for hunting, trapping, and ice fishing. The hunters spoke favorably about the Mr. Heater hooked to a 20 lb BBQ grill sized propane bottle. Online reviews seems to agree. I haven’t bought yet but are looking at a refurbished model. Probably will make the jump next week.

Which of course got me looking at guns somehow. As much as I love my 20 gauge Remington 870, I would like to also get a 12 gauge. I’m thinking of trying my hand at deer hunting this year and while you can get slugs and buck shot for a 20, a 12 is more flexible and easier to get. I saw they had a Mossberg 500 deer and field combo gun (you swap out the two barrels it comes with) on sale for $300 through Saturday. Seriously thinking of buying but the sale ends Saturday. Next week the 870 is on sale but I certainly don’t want to have two nearly identically looking and operating guns that takes different size ammo. That could be dangerous. I don’t know, the gun is kind of low priority and Dick’s has sold them for less before. Been chewing it over all week. I don’t know if I really need the 12 gauge right now as the 20 can do nearly everything, but it would last for a long time and Mossberg is a good brand.

What I should really do with the money leftover from vacation is invest it in the stock market. But I think the market is overvalued but returning the money to my FDIC insured cash savings means I’m loosing to inflation every month as the low funds rate means I’m only collecting 0.95% interest. But I like guns and $300 won’t break the bank for another inexpensive shotgun. In 2016, I want to take some money from savings for a snowmobile but for various reasons not so much this year.

Kind of a gray and cloudy morning, around 56 degrees. Looking at a mild day around 70 degrees with a chance of showers.

Tomorrow the sun returns with much cooler temperatures, we are looking at a high around 52 degrees. Saturday will be around 56 with clouds and sun. Rain likely for Sunday around 58. At any rate, the weekend doesn’t look like a washout.

Good morning, Happy Monday. Currently 41 degrees and mostly cloudy with a few breaks of blue skies. Looking for 64 degrees and more sun later. This evening is expected to be in the 50s and clear with a low of 43. Looking at 6:30 for the sunset and if you’re up early tomorrow morning, you’ll see the Waxing Crescent Moon.

This morning on break I will call around about getting my tires rotated and hopefully I can get that done on Tuesday or Wednesday so I can check that off my list. I keep working on packing and preparing for next week’s adventure.

Because I’m driving all the way out to the southern portion of the Allegheny National Forest on the first day, I need to get an early of a start as possible, which for me means shooting for leaving at 8 AM and being on the road no later than 9 AM. This gives time for occasional stops along the road but still be at camp no later than 5 PM. Sunday’s trip to West Virginia is somewhat shorter but that is good because I don’t know the area and with the best of maps and GPS I’m prone to get lost or the campsites not working out as expected.

Good morning on this October morning. Cool around 49 degrees and cloudy. Pretty typical for October weather in Albany. The air walking down to the bus stop has a slight sweet smell of manure, the farmer down the road must have recently chopped the corn silage and is now fertilizing their fields. Smells like fall.

The windows are closed in my apartment for the first time since last springtime. Chilly morning but I guess that is to be expected this time of year. October has a lot of cool morning and often rainy and cloudy days. But when it’s nice, it can be quite nice.

Today will be heading up to around 60 degrees with some clearing in the afternoon but clouds will predominant the sky. Ditto for Friday and the weekend, however a greater chance for rain come the weekend.

Decided I need to get a better map of Virginia before my trip. A state map is fine for George Washington National Forest as I can mark campgrounds myself on it and most of the National Forest is narrow enough to be not far from a major highway. I could use my phone GPS but it doesn’t always work where service is unreliable – and a map can be hard to read on a small screen. I have an atlas of the United States with each page or two having state naps but I need a little more details.

Kind of a dark and dreary Tuesday in Albany. At 69 degrees and a dewpoint at the same level, we feel fairly warm. It will climb to 76 degrees by 1 PM and drop through the afternoon, hitting 64 by 7 PM and heading back to 70 by midnight.

I hope you brought a raincoat or umbrella to work for this afternoon. While this morning is largely rain free, showers are expected today and heavy rain around rush hour. Take it easy on afternoon commute as wet roads are slick roads.

And enjoy today’s warmth. Tomorrow early in the morning will be 70 but the approach of the front will bring an Arctic blast – not cold enough for frost much less snow but still chilly. The days are so short in the fall.

At one level some fall colors would be nice but then again fall colors mean the end of the green woods and soon the trees will be free of leaves. Hunting season opens up for more species but even that seems brief before winter takes over.

Good morning, Happy Friday! 58 degrees and sunny with some high clouds. Going to be another nice early autumn day, followed by a nice fall weekend. Looking forward to MooseFest this weekend and hopefully some really colorful leaves. Usually by this point they are at or even beyond peak color at Moose River Plains but this year has relatively warm.

Porch light worked well with turning on automatically at dusk. A simple little thing, but it sure beats coming home in the dark.

Continuing to work on planning my October trip. I didn’t think it was going to happen but now that I figured out a reasonable route, I think I can make it happen. Still a long trip down to West Virginia but I will avoid city traffic and break it down to reasonable sized increments.

Good morning. On this Tuesday morning we are up to 54 degrees with gloomy, cloudy skies that are often seen in the fall months around here. It was dark enough that at 8 AM the porch light now controlled by a darkness activated switch had turned on. By the 9 o’clock hour the switch had turned off the light.

Today is the last day of summer. Summer ended before beginning, as that trippy lyric from the 1960s used to say. Fall is a nice season but at times it can be so depressing with the grey skies and cooler weather. On nice days, fall is the nicest time of the year. At least I prefer the icky weather on days when I have to work. The good news is today is pay day is today, as I need the money to pay the rent and the bills.

Just another summer day, this September morning with temperatures climbing up to 76 as of 9 AM with weather rapidly heading up to 92 degrees.

The warm weather is not stopping the local schools from going back in session or the traffic from returning. I guess the traffic is little more than a minor annoyance, as I can play on my phone as the bus navigates the heavy city traffic. Cities are were the jobs are, and if I wasn’t decently well compensated for my time in Albany, I would be long gone from NY State.

Thursday is Primary Day. As I will probably one of three people who actually vote, I should probably think about voting. I don’t know much about the candidates although Dan McCoy keeps mailing me junk mail that doesn’t even burn particularly well. I have no idea on the local primaries and I don’t really care, because I feel like I barely even live in NY State anymore. That said, I do maintain an address in Delmar and I’d rather have my buff card reflect that I voted in the election, even if I ultimately just put a blank ballot in the SCAN-TRON machine.