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New York State
Albany County
Albany County Rail Trail
Albany, NY
Bethlehem, New York
Black Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Coeymans, New York
Cole Hill State Forest
Colonie, New York
Delmar, New York
Evening Walk
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Four Corners Laundromat
Guilderland, New York
Henry Hudson Park
Holt Preserve
Indian Ladder Farms
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Keleher Preserve
Lawson Lake County Park
Louise Kerr Wildlife Management Area
New Scotland
Partridge Run Game Management Area
Petrol 9w Co
Swift Wetland Preserve
Thatcher Park
Walmart Glenmont

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Game Farm Property in Berne

A quick drive up to the Town of Berne's newest town park, the Game Farm Property, which for a few years in the early 2000s was a Buddist Camp. There are no trails up there AFAIK, just a large community hall and buildings from when it was a hunting club and game farm.

Switzkill Valley in Summer

Driving along the rural Albany County Route 1 in Berne, through the farm country of the Switzkill Valley, near Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area and the Cole Hill State Forest in June 2017. My dash cam was malfunctioning, so the coordinates aren't shown.

Irish Hill Road To Berne.

Irish Hill Road winds down Irish Hill into the hamlet of Berne past farm lands and woods. It's a fairly steep road, but it was free of ice while I was driving back this past weekend. I was playing with camera settings, so I disabled HDR, so the quality of this video is lower then others.