Legislative Office Building

The Legislative Office Building is the home many of the legislative offices for the state legislators in the Empire State Plaza office complex.

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New York State
Albany County
Albany, NY
Empire State Plaza
Legislative Office Building
New York State Museum

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Whose Extravagance? – 98 Acres in Albany

"Acting on a tip a few months ago, we contacted architect Daniel Pratt. At age 22 in 1970, he was a draftsman for the Buffalo architectural firm, James, Meadows & Howard, which designed the Legislative Office Building. Dan’s job was to draw the interior office spaces, even though many interior wall frames were already in place. The problem was that the legislators’ office space had been divided unequally, in a manner which favored one chamber over another. Dan and his colleagues were charged with ensuring that legislators’ offices were the same size, within one-half of a square foot. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was playing a role in a costly political dispute."