Good afternoon! Partly cloudy skies and 70 degrees at the Keheler Preserve in New Scotland. There is a 11 mph breeze from the northwest. The current dew point is 61.

Some haze but it’s become a decent day as it has progressed. Sitting at the Overlook Chair at Keheler Preserve, thinking it’s ironic to be spending time on the weekend looking back at the office building I normally work in on weekdays. 

A pretty nice afternoon but I expect it to cloud back up. We needed the rain for sure. Not nearly enough rain for all the clouds we had yesterday but at least it made the woods damp to reduce the fire risk. 

Once again I left the long lens in my truck. I really wanted to have it for taking pictures from along the Overlook Trail. At least this area is close to home. A nice evening I should pack a dinner and go for an evening hike when we have strong  evening light over the city. 

Map: Keleher Preserve

Map: Keleher Preserve

Westminster is a congregation deeply committed to building a community whose purpose is to serve Jesus Christ in the city. We see our location as a unique gift. We are situated a block away from the state capitol of New York.

We are located in a diverse and vibrant urban neighborhood. At a time of polarization in government, media and religion, and when public discourse is increasingly shrill and uncivil, Westminster attempts to be a wide tent under which diverse ideas are not only tolerated, but welcome.

Save the Pine Bush has their monthly dinner at the rented-out hall below the church. It is accessed by going to 85 Chesnut Street. There is off-street parking next to the church for church functions and the dinner.

55 degrees tonight and clear with a Waxing Gibbous Moon. The bright moon is making it easy to walk in darkness but hard to see most of the fainter stars. Moon sets at 1:30 AM and between then and 5:09 AM is your best chance to see the stars. After that dawns first light will reduce visibility. Sunrise tomorrow at 6:44 AM. Low of 44.

Tomorrow’s forecast is about the same as today, with a high around 76 and sunny. Another nice fall day. Somewhat more seasonable and cooler for Friday and the weekend but continued sun with a few more clouds.

Tonight I went to the car wash and cleaned off the mud from my truck, especially focusing on the underbody and lower panels. My goal isn’t so much to make the truck pretty but retard rust and damage caused by accumulated mud and dust. I didn’t polish it or do anything fancy, just got as much mud and dust off it as possible. Because of my ankle hadn’t done this in a while; it was badly needed. Once salt season is upon us, I’ll do this weekly. Ten minutes in the car wash is only $6. At 7 PM on a Wednesday there was no wait at the big car wash bay to clean up my big jacked up truck.

Also picked up some groceries and went for the evening walk. This has to be the first time I did the entire walk with no pain at all. That certainly made me happy. At Tractor Supply bought another hat as I can’t find my other one. They didn’t have winter jackets yet – I need to get another Carhartt winter coat as my old one has a broken zipper and is failing apart.