Downtown Albany, NY

Downtown Albany is the Central Business District in the City of Albany. Or as the Downtown Albany Bid describes it ...

"Exciting Entertainment. World-Class Dining. Exquisite Art and Culture. Urban Residential. Whether you work or live in New York's Capital District or are lucky enough to make a visit, downtown Albany offers the unique opportunity to explore a city rich in history, framed by nearby mountains and over 400 years in architecture."

There are a lot of jobs downtown, and decent public transit. You have to go there on the weekdays to make a buck or two.

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Google Maps: NY Senate Enrollments

This map shows the Senate Districts based on how Democratic or Republican leaning they are based on raw enrollments. Raw enrollment numbers suggest that Democrats should preform better in many of the State Senate districts upstate then they actually do. But Democrats often do not vote in local elections, and many upstate districts have popular incumbents.

Data Source: November 2017 NY Senate Enrollments, NYS BOE.

Google Maps: 2017 Albany Common Council Primary

This year in the 2017 Albany City Democratic Primary there were three candidates for President of the Albany Common Council, Corey L. Ellis (49.87%), Christopher T. Higgins (33.01%) and Mark A. Robinson (14.91%). Districts that favored Ellis are shown a deeper blue, while districts that favored Higgins are shown a deeper green. In districts where there margin were close to equal, are shown in white.

The result from the primary were geographically mixed, although it's clear that Ellis' base of support was Albany's South End and Arbor Hill, while Higgins did better in Center Square, Normanskill, Whitehall, North Bethlehem, and Ward 12 (Upper Washington Avenue - Lincoln Avenue - Upper Central Avenue).

Map: 2017 Albany Mayorial Primary – Carolyn McLaughlin, Percentage Of The Vote

Map: 2017 Albany Mayorial Primary – Carolyn McLaughlin, Percentage Of The Vote

Albany’s City Hall is the magnificent center of local government. Designed by famed architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the construction of City Hall was completed in 1883. Albany City Hall has been acclaimed by critics as one of the most beautiful buildings in America and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Those who are privileged to work here on a daily basis hope you will share their pride in the history and accomplishments of generations of Albanians. Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to visit Albany’s City Hall and experience it’s unique culture first hand.