Downtown Albany, NY

Downtown Albany is the Central Business District in the City of Albany. Or as the Downtown Albany Bid describes it ...

"Exciting Entertainment. World-Class Dining. Exquisite Art and Culture. Urban Residential. Whether you work or live in New York's Capital District or are lucky enough to make a visit, downtown Albany offers the unique opportunity to explore a city rich in history, framed by nearby mountains and over 400 years in architecture."

There are a lot of jobs downtown, and decent public transit. You have to go there on the weekdays to make a buck or two.

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New York State
Albany County
Albany, NY
Albany City Hall
Alfred E. Smith Building
New York State Capitol
Westminster Presbyterian Church

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Save the Pine Bush Dinner, September 20th at 6 PM

Save the Pine Bush Vegetarian/Vegan Lasgana Dinner
Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6:00 PM Dinner - 7:00 Presentation

Amanda Dillon Field Ecologist from the the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission will speak about

Wild Bee Species and Insects in the Pine Bush

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve staff have found that many species of wild bees are present in the Pine Bush, making the Pine Bush a significant refuge for pollinator species. Amanda Dillon will talk about her work with bee species and insect conservation in an age of dramatic insect population declines globally.

Map: Montrose Point State Forest

Map: Montrose Point State Forest

Westminster is a congregation deeply committed to building a community whose purpose is to serve Jesus Christ in the city. We see our location as a unique gift. We are situated a block away from the state capitol of New York.

We are located in a diverse and vibrant urban neighborhood. At a time of polarization in government, media and religion, and when public discourse is increasingly shrill and uncivil, Westminster attempts to be a wide tent under which diverse ideas are not only tolerated, but welcome.

Save the Pine Bush has their monthly dinner at the rented-out hall below the church. It is accessed by going to 85 Chesnut Street. There is off-street parking next to the church for church functions and the dinner.