Downtown Albany, NY

Downtown Albany is the Central Business District in the City of Albany. Or as the Downtown Albany Bid describes it ...

"Exciting Entertainment. World-Class Dining. Exquisite Art and Culture. Urban Residential. Whether you work or live in New York's Capital District or are lucky enough to make a visit, downtown Albany offers the unique opportunity to explore a city rich in history, framed by nearby mountains and over 400 years in architecture."

There are a lot of jobs downtown, and decent public transit. You have to go there on the weekdays to make a buck or two.

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New York State
Albany County
Albany, NY
Albany City Hall
Alfred E. Smith Building
New York State Capitol
Westminster Presbyterian Church

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Save the Pine Bush Dinner – 6 PM Tonight

Roger Downs will speak about the new, proposed changes in the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act - SEQRA. He will describe the proposed changes and how these will affect the environmental review process. Is “streamlining” needed or just a way to push through bad projects? How will limiting scoping affect the process? Roger will tell us what we can do to protect SEQRA.