Albany County

Albany County (/ˈɔːlbəniː/ awl-bə-nee) is a county located in the U.S. state of New York, and is part of the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name is from the title of the Duke of York and Albany, who became James II of England (James VII of Scotland). As of the 2010 census, the population was 304,204.[1] As originally established, Albany County had an indefinite amount of land, but has only 530 square miles (1,400 km2) as of March 3, 1888. The county seat is Albany, the state capital.,_New_York

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New York State
Albany County Rail Trail
Albany, NY
Bethlehem, New York
Black Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Coeymans, New York
Cole Hill State Forest
Colonie, New York
Delmar, New York
Evening Walk
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Four Corners Laundromat
Guilderland, New York
Henry Hudson Park
Holt Preserve
Indian Ladder Farms
John Boyd Thacher State Park
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Louise Kerr Wildlife Management Area
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Swift Wetland Preserve
Thatcher Park
Walmart Glenmont

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Google Maps: Bethlehem Highway Supervisor

Daniel R. Morin (D) (28.9%) and Giles C. Wagoner (WF) (28.3%) split the Democratic vote for Bethlehem Highway Supervisor, giving John "Tiger" Anastasi the most votes with 43.7% of the vote, making the town look more red for the Highway Supervisor race then it really was. Interestingly enough, Wagoner preformed poorly in North Bethlehem that it gave Morin a majority in the those election districts.

Google Maps: Coeymans Town Supervisor

Philip A. Crandall (D/C/ICE/WF/REF) was re-elected Town Supervisor over challenger Keith E. Mahler Jr. (R) in a close 51.2% to 48.7%. A fairly close local race, it did not follow the common pattern in Coeymans Town with the more westerly election districts going redder and eastern districts going bluer. It was a bit of an usual race in the sense that Democratic-candidate Crandall had the Conservative and Independence lines, which put gave him line in several districts that would have otherwise gone red. Coeymans 6 in particular, Crandall pulled 30 votes on the Conservative line, 9.2% of the votes cast in that district and 16 votes from Independence Line, an additional 4.9% of the district. He only won the district by 22 votes, so it's obvious that ICE/CON pulled him over the line there in that normally fairly red district.

Google Maps: 2017 State Supreme Court Justice

Normally, State Supreme Court Justice races are a good way of judging how voters actually vote regardless of how they are enrolled. Most people vote for State Supreme Court justices not based on the candidate but their partisan leanings. State Supreme Court Justice candidates are severely limited on how ideological they can be when campaigning, and rarely are well known personalities. This year in 2017, this wasn't as true as Peter G. Crummey had been a 17 year Colonie Town Justice, which gave him name recognition in Colonie and helped to make him a local favorite. Julian Schreibman previously ran as a candidate for Congressman in NY 18th district, but because that district is entirely outside of Albany County, he had little local name recognition except to the extent that regional media previously covered his candidacy.