Glenmont, NY

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The Glenmont Car Wash
15 Elm Avenue
Adams Station - Delmar
Bald Eagle, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem, NY
Binghamton, New York
Blackwater Falls State Park
Blossburg, Pennsylvania
Buchanan, VA
Buchanan, Virginia
CDTA Bus Stop
CDTA Bus Stop #449
CDTA North Allen Station
Central Valley, New York
Charter Township of Shippen
Chittenango Creek
City Beer Hall
City of Albany
City of Troy NY
Coeymans, New York
Colonial Laundromats
Corning Preserve
Danby, Vermont
Davis, West Virginia
Deer River State Forest, 12930
Delaware Plaza
Delmar Laundry
Delmar, NY
Downtown Albany
Dunkin Donuts
Dwight D. Eisenhower Lock
East Branch of Sacandaga River
Elm Ave Park and Ride
Elm Ave RT-32 Park & Ride
Elm Avenue Park and Ride
Elsmere Fire Department
Elsmere. NY
Erie County, NY
Erwin Park
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Falling Spring Falls
First Advantage Dental
French Azilum Historical Site
Gandy, West Virginia
Garrett County, Maryland
Glenfield, New York
Glenmont, New York
Glenmont, NY
Glimmerglass State Park
Google County Maps
Hannaford Supermarket
Harriman State Park
High Point Cliff
Hopeville, West Virginia
Imler, Pennsylvania
Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern
Ithaca, New York
Jakes Rocks Overlook
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
Johnstown, New York
Kentuck Campground
Lake Pleasant
Lamar, Pennsylvania
Lamoka Lake
Lark Street
Laurel Highlands State Park
Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Lye Brook Wilderness
Lyme Diease
Marie Antoinette Lookout
Mavis Discount Tire
Montrose, Pennsylvania
Moose River recreation area
Morris Run, Pennsylvania
New York State
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Ohiopyle State Park
Otego, New York
Other States
Otter Creek Camping Area
Otter Creek Campsite
Parent's House
Peebles Island State Park
Peter D. Kiernan Plaza
Podunk, New York
Point Au Roche State Park
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania
Port Leyden, New York
Queensbury, New York
Rawley Springs, Virginia
Relay State Forest
Robert Moses State Park
Roger's Center
Sacandaga River
Sandy, Pennsylvania
Sawyer Mountain
Schodack Landing, New York
Schoharie, NY
Seneca Rocks
Shawnee State Park
Shenandoah Mountain
Shenandoah National Park
Sloatsburg Rest Stop
Somerset County, Pennsylvania
South Bethlehem, New York
SPB Dinner @greenwatchdogny
SPB Dinner @mountainkeeper
Speculator, NY
Spruce Knob Mountain, West Virginia
St. Mary's Church (Albany, New York)
State College, Pennsylvania
State Of New York Rest Area
Steamboat Square
Stockport Flats
Stoney Pond
Stoystown, Pennsylvania
SUNY Plattsburgh
Table Rock
The City Beer Hall
The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
The Inlet Library
The Netherlands
the Save the Pine Bush Dinner
Tioga County Pa
Towanda, Pennsylvania
Tricentennial Park
Trout Run, Pennsylvania
Veterans Day
Via Aquarium
Warrensburg, NY
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
West Capital Park
Westerlo, New York
Winifred Matthews Holt Preserve
Worcester Rest Area

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It’s hard to imagine that eight and a half years ago on the night of August 28, 2008 I was camping on Lower Betty Brook Road in Blenheim. I tuned into Barack Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention, sitting next to the campfire, enjoying a cold one. I liked the man, he gave a good speech and ultimately ended up voting for him in both 2008 and 2012.

Eight and a half years later tonight, I am watching Barack Obama’s Farewell address on this cold winters evening on my monitor hooked to my HDMI box. I still live in the same place and work the same job and while much has remained constant, other things have changed. 

When I first heard Obama speak, I was only a year and a half out of college then, now I have many gray spots on my hair. I’ve grown older moved up in my company, learned a great deal more knowledge in recent years. But it seems like the eight and half years have gone by much too quickly. Assuming that Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, I’ll be forty two by the time he leaves Washington. 

I’m going to miss President Obama. The changes that took place during his eight years were most of my life post college. So much has changed in the intervening years, a scary recession and recovery, a health care law, the taking out of Bin Laden, shootings, and Black Lives Matter. Many smaller actions like the Clean Power Plan and the fuel efficiency standards have helped to get our country on track addressing climate change. 

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, his era will be short much like the brief years of Barack Obama. His time will come and go quickly. Like Obama, he’ll get a chance to make his mark on our democracy and then in a few brief moments it will be a new era in our country’s long history. I’m sure Donald Trump will do some good in his brief moment as chief executive for his period in our democracy. 

I will miss Barack Obama. It was a good era but now time will be move forward and we will continue to build a better country for all.