Don’t Forget to Vote in School Board Elections

Many of us forget about School Board Elections. They are in a strange time of year, the middle of May, as many of us are thinking more about our summer plans, rather then critical questions of local government spending. School board elections, as local elections, are poorly covered by the news, and often are uninteresting. You may no longer attend high school, and you may not have kids in school. Yet those are not good reasons for not voting.

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School Board Elections, School Budget Vote, and Library Budget Vote are all important things to vote on for several reasons including:

  • Low turn out, local elections mean your vote can change results easily.
  • Your decision hits your pocketbook directly, especially if pay property taxes.
  • Only chance to directly comment on government spending — should we invest more in our public schools or further increase the crushing tax burden on working folk?

None of us have perfect information. Many years when I vote in school board elections, I don’t even know whose running for school board, and leave those ballots blank. Other years, when there is a major local issue — like the closing of Clarksville School — this year I already know who I support for this important office. If your concerned about government spending and waste, or think schools and the students being educated are getting cut too much, then either vote Yes or No. It’s that simple.

Don’t Forget to Vote!