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The One Percent in New York [JSON] [iframe] [PNG]

Chart uploaded on December 6, 2017.

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This graph shows how many taxpayers in New York fall into one of these categories: Less then 200k (red), 200k-500k (orange), 500k-$1 million (yellow), and one million plus (light yellow).

As you can see, only a small percentage of each county makes more then 200k, even in New York City where the cost of living is much higher. Columns are the percent of the total tax filings, and is per household for joint filiers.

As you can see in many counties in New York State, households that make more then $200k a year are the one percent, or only a few percent beyond that.

Data Source: RocDocs Wealthy Taxpayers in New York State, 2013. http://rochester.nydatabases.com/database/wealthy-taxpayers-new-york-state

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