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Arrests in New York, 1970-2015 [JSON] [iframe]

Chart uploaded on May 10, 2017.

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Violent crime is down in New York. Drug felony arrests have been generally replaced with more drug misdemeanor arrests, as parts of the Rockefeller Drug Laws have slowly repealed. These declines in crime have been somewhat offset by increases in property crimes, and big increases in miscellaneous felonies and misdemeanors. Most the rise is likely do to the many new crimes which have been created in recent years to make up for losses in inmate population, and to criminalize previously lawful conduct that certain special interest groups want to see criminalized.

Data Source: DCJS, Adult Arrests, 1970-2015. https://data.ny.gov/Public-Safety/Adult-Arrests-by-County-Beginning-1970/rikd-mt35

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