Shop said the reason why my brakes are squeaking upon release is due to excessive glaze due to heat build up, due to increased stopping power needed with the larger, heavier wheels with the lift kit.

They suggested I install bigger calibers and ceramic brakes pads, better able to withstand the heat. Other then that, they said the hydraulics and springs were fine but could use a cleaning and lubrication. I agreed to upgrade the rear brakes, and I would hold off on front, because the front pads and rotators are not even a year old, and they are stopping fine, even if are a little weak on hard stopping. I didn’t previously upgrade them, because I had no issues with the first two and half years of lift kit. ┬áThe noise I had noticed was from the back, so I think there was more of an issue with the rear brakes then the front.

Eventually though, I will upgrade the front brakes, especially if I notice they are running hot or are getting excessively glazed and having more problems with smooth stopping. They just have a lot of life left on the pads and rotators, so I see no reason to upgrade them when they are working just fine.

Maybe I’ve just been scammed out of money over the back brakes (like most things in the automobile industry), but the repair seemed like a probable thing to keep things in good maintenance, and I don’t want the brakes to fail while I’m out in vacation.

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