Good evening. 57 degrees and cloudy this evening. Not exactly a delightful spring evening. But we are getting a half inch of much needed rain tonight into tomorrow. So it’s hard to complain.

Almost no traffic heading out of the city because school is not session this week. I’m hoping to get an early start out of work tomorrow so I can get to camp before dark. I don’t mind setting up in the dark as much as I hate driving after dark.

My priorities tonight are the Young Democrats meeting, finish packing clothes and get the kayak on the roof of my truck. I want to try to be to work on time tomorrow, so I can leave as early as possible to avoid driving after dark.

Sunset tonight is at 7:50 pm and dusk at 8:21. It will be about ten minutes later tomorrow after I head west. I am looking forward, it should be a nice trip. Five weeks until Memorial Day.