Albany Snow Tire Law

Starting in circa 1965, Albany passed a law requiring that all motor vehicles driven in the city had to have tire chains or be fitted with snow tires with 1/8 inch tread depth during declared “snow emergencies.” Vehicles not having chains or snow tires who got stuck during snow emergencies were subject to citation and fine by city police. 

I’ve always wondered if that law was ever repealed by city hall or if goes unenforced in an era when most cars are front or four wheel drive and many have low wheel clearance making conventional chains difficult to fit. If it’s still on the books, it would be able to be brought back by a declaration of a snow emergency by the mayor. 

I know tire chains can greatly improve traction in adverse conditions but they cannot be used on clear roads nor above 35 mph. That an the issue with fitting tire chains on many of the sporty low sling cars of today means they are fairly unpopular.