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Exploring various other places outside of New York State, including Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

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Blue Ridge Parkway
Buchanan, VA
Monterey, Virginia
North Creek Campground
Palisades Interstate Park
West Virginia

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Old WV 93 Was Steep

Before Corridor "H" if you wanted to go from Bismark to Scheer, you had to descend this steep, windy hill on West Virginia Route 93. This road had been improved, in the sense that it's smooth and wide, but it was still quite steep and windy -- for a major route driven by coal-hauling trucks. Corridor "H" changed that totally.

House Fire in Cumberland

Looks like it was a controlled burn of an old house right on Main Street. You could see the smoke for miles but it's clear from the video that the fire department wasn't trying to put it out just to keep other structures nearby from getting too hot.