2018 February 07

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February 2018
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Map: Huntersfield State Forest

Map: Huntersfield State Forest

Huntersfield Mountain is located southwest of Albany, just north of Catskill Preserve, and is about 2.5 hours from the Syracuse area. Huntersfield Mountain at 3423 feet, is highest point in Schoharie County. The mountain is located in the southern part of the county along the border with Greene County in the 1325 acre Huntersfield State Forest.

A section of the 350+ mile, aqua blazed, Long Path travels over Huntersfield Mountain. This popular long distance hiking trail is popular with day hikers as well as backpackers. The trail travels from Fort Lee, NJ through the Catskills up to Altamont, NY near Albany. Future plans is to have the trail end in the Adirondacks.

Huntersfield Mountain features a lean to and a couple of lookouts with nice views, including a nice view from the lean to that features the northeastern Catskill Mountains. A steep forest road, known as Jim Cleveland Road, takes you to the ridgeline and the easiest access to the mountain. This dirt road, although steep in a couple of spots, looks to be a well maintained forest road. The hike is 1.4 miles to the summit marker on the Long Path with an overall elevation gain of 634 feet.

There are no markers for the trailhead, but you'll know when your there. If you start back downhill along the road, you just passed it. Parking is along the shoulder of the road across from an old gravel pit at the level ridgeline of the mountain. The trail to the summit is actually an old logging road. This road, although unmarked, is easy to follow (but may be overgrown is spots during the summer). You'll find the start of this logging road to the right of the old gravel pit, over a pile of dirt & debris (to keep 4x4's out).

More on CNY Hiking: http://www.cnyhiking.com/HuntersfieldMountain.htm

My LED Remote Control Code

This is the current draft of my Arduino LED remote control code. It's still a work in progress, but I figure if you want to use it or get inspiration for your projects it's here. New in this version is an "automatic sunrise" using a clock chip. That function is still somewhat buggy.