2018 January 21

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January 2018
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Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders

"Intelligence makes for better leaders—from undergraduates to executives to presidents—according to multiple studies. It certainly makes sense that handling a market shift or legislative logjam requires cognitive oomph. But new research on leadership suggests that, at a certain point, having a higher IQ stops helping and starts hurting."

I am generally satisfied with the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. 😀 Was it perfect? Of course not, the damn fool should keep off Twitter and act more presidential.💻⌨🖱 There is no need for stupid, racist remarks for sure.😡 The man is president after all. He should be setting a good example, not a bad example for all Americans.👹 He shouldn’t reflect the crudest elements in our society. 📢 Was President Obama a better, more mature, more stable president? I would say so.🤓

All and all, things have been pretty good in America the first year of Trump’s presidency. 👍We reached full employment at end of the Obama-presidency, but jobs have steadily increased, a bit at a slower number. 📈Inflation remains low, gas and energy prices remain quite affordable. We’ve stayed out of war in the Middle East and other parts of the world. ☮Nearly everybody got a substantial tax cut, and I’ll be looking forward to that extra money in each paycheck.🤑

Generally things aren’t looking that bad today, but ignoring the future for today’s benefit is a foolish policy. ⛈ Deficit spending is one concern to be worried about. 💰The tax cuts are largely unpaid for with current policy. A bigger concern is ignoring our addiction to fossil fuels and the climate crisis.🛢Fossil fuels are not replenishing themselves, and carbon is only increasing in the air.🌎 It hard to take seriously any president who doesn’t make climate change a top priority.

It’s really hard to criticize the state of things today, 😃except maybe to say that politicians across the spectrum have gotten too ideological and too much into the habit of playing to their party’s base. And that our president acts like a two-year old most of the time, at least on the Internet.👶🍼 But for the most part, things are running fairly well in our country, maybe in spite of the current occupant in the White House.🏠

Mild and rainy to start out the week. ☔Then fairly seasonably cold for the second half of the week,⛄ then a warm up for the weekend.😎

Weather Summary
Tonight. Slight Chance of Snow then Chance of Rain/Snow and 32 degrees , 7:17 sunrise.
Monday. Chance of Rain/Snow then Rain is likely and 38 degrees , 4:56 sunset.
Monday Night. Rain is likely and 38 degrees , 7:16 sunrise.
Tuesday. Rain and 48 degrees , 4:58 sunset.
Tuesday Night. Chance of Rain then Chance of Rain/Snow and 28 degrees , 7:16 sunrise.
Wednesday. Mostly Sunny and 31 degrees , 14 max wind chill, 4:59 sunset.
Wednesday Night. Partly Cloudy and 12 degrees , 2 max wind chill, 7:15 sunrise.
Thursday. Mostly Sunny and 25 degrees , 0 max wind chill, 5:00 sunset.
Thursday Night. Mostly Clear and 8 degrees , 2 max wind chill, 7:14 sunrise.
Friday. Sunny and 29 degrees , 1 max wind chill, 5:01 sunset.
Friday Night. Partly Cloudy and 17 degrees , 12 max wind chill, 7:13 sunrise.
Saturday. Partly Sunny and 44 degrees , 10 max wind chill, 5:03 sunset.
Saturday Night. Chance of Rain then Chance of Rain/Snow and 32 degrees , 7:12 sunrise.

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Driving out to Cole Hill State Forest, along Cole Hill Road and Woodstock Road, I was thinking how much time I’ve spent in the city lately, and how little in the countryside. 🐮I’ve really not made many road trips lately,🚗 I’ve not taken in the landscape of the hills and hollows, the mountains and the streams, the wild country.🏔

I’ve always liked the backroads and backcountry.🛣 The places usually shunned by the traveler, only really followed by the local. The wild farm country, the woods, the homes, mountains, and valleys around. I really should get out and travel some more.🏕