2018 January 17

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Cornell Mountain
Delmar, NY
Delmar, New York
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Rensselaerville, New York

January 2018
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Good evening! Partly clear and 17 degrees in Delmar, NY. There is a west-northwest breeze at 9 mph. The current wind chill is 6. It’s a bit chilly outside but not that but then again I have a sweater vest on and my long wool winter coat. πŸ˜€ Lots of stars out on this relatively clear evening. ⭐🌟

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low of 9 degrees at 5am. Five degrees below normal. 🌑Maximum wind chill around 5 at 11pm; Northwest wind 5 to 9 mph becoming southwest after midnight. In 2017, we had light rain and mist in the evening, which became light rain sleet and mist by the early hours of the morning. It got down to 33 degrees. The record low of -19 occurred back in 1957.

Tonight is the new moon. 🌚The First Quarter Moon is on Tuesday night. The Blue Moon is on Tuesday, January 30th. The sun will rise at 7:21 am with the first light at 6:50 am, which is 34 seconds earlier than yesterday. Tonight will have 14 hours and 29 minutes of darkness, a decrease of one minute and 48 seconds over last night.🌠

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny, with a high of 28 degrees at 2pm.🌞Two degrees below normal. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph. Sunny but fairly cold. β›„A year ago, we had mostly cloudy skies. The high last year was 37 degrees. The record high of 59 was set in 1973. 7.9 inches of snow fell back in 1891. That’s a pretty lame record for winter. 

While turn out was light for the Save the Pine Bush Dinner, with the snow and wintery weather, the talk by Hugh Johnson on the solar eclipse was pretty interesting. Dishes are done an I’m taking the bus home now. 🐵

With today’s snow storm, most of the solar powered bus stops aren’t lit up today, I guess they need to clean off the panels. I’ve actually never seen the supposed solar lights at the Washington and South Swan stop ever work. :idea:I did walk down to the Capitol bus stop just because a had few extra minutes after the Pine Bush Dinner. 🌄Generally though the buses are running on time, the roads at this hour are fine. I’m less of a fan of winter camping with all of the snow and everything melting. 🗻β›Ί

Awesome weekend on tap, with temperatures running 13 degrees above normal. Saturday, mostly sunny, with a high near 44. Sunday, partly sunny, with a high near 43. Typical average high for the weekend is 30 degrees.β˜€ I’m undecided about what I will do this weekend. I might go hot tenting this weekend but there is a lot of snow up north. I’ll have to think about it more. πŸ™„

In four weeks on February 14 the sun will be setting at 5:26 pm, which is 36 minutes and 17 seconds later then tonight. 😮In 2017 on that day, we had snow, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures between 36 and 15 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 34 and 17 degrees. The record high of 63 degrees was set back in 1946.😈

Looking ahead, Blue Moon is in 2 weeks, February Save the Pine Bush Dinner – 40th Anniversary is in 5 weeks, Independence Day is in 24 weeks and Inaugeration Day 2021 is in 157 weeks.🙀

🔶🔷Only 127 days remain until the start of Memorial Day Weekend!🔷🔶

πŸ“ͺI got my first package ever direct from China, a buck and change electronic soldering kit – builds a blinking heart using some capacitors when done.πŸ’—

πŸ’­I hope to improve my soldering joints. Came with LEDs, resistors, transistors, electrolytic capacitors and a printed circuit board.πŸ”‹πŸ”Œ Designed with A 3 VDC battery socket, but as it will work up to 5 VDC, I’ll probably convert to run on a USB charger. πŸ”¬

🌏Fascinating to think about it coming all the way around the globe in about two weeks for about a buck in shipping. 🌎

The American Sedan Is Dying. Long Live the SUV

I suspect that this will END VERY BADLY for DETROIT and the American Taxpayer (TM), once fuel prices go back up, which is bound to happen in a few years.

By borrowing so much to fund the Trump tax cuts, it's going to devalue the US dollar, which will make oil more expensive, to say nothing of the risk of inflation or the fact that oil has a tendency to become expensive when people least expect it to become expensive.

I mean, how many Americans where thinking about oil lines in say 1970 or even 1972 ?