2018 January 06

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Beebe Hill State Forest
Delmar, NY
Delmar, New York
Hunter Mountain
NYS Census - Housing
Snowy Mountain
Spruce Mountain Fire Tower
Stockport Flats WMA

January 2018
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Google Maps: NY Percent Of Households Heating With Natural Gas

With the current shortage of natural gas in Western NY, I thought this would be an interesting graph to share, showing which parts of the state are heavily dependent on natural gas for heating. Natural gas is the most popular heating fuel in urban areas, as it's one of the cheapest sources of energy for heating. Western NY uses a lot more gas for heating then the Eastern half of the state, which has been traditionally more reliant on heating oil for heating. Manhattan and Bronx still use more oil then gas, while the outer boroughs tends to be more connected into the gas grid.

Map: Snowy Mountain

Map: Snowy Mountain

Snowy Mountain is a mountain located in Hamilton County, New York. Initially known as 'Squaw Bonnet', its summit is the highest point in the county. While most maps show the elevation as 3899 feet, some suggest that more recent surveys have it as 3904 feet or even 3908 feet.

The mountain is the highest in the Adirondack Mountains south of the 4,000 ft (1,200 m) High Peaks region. It is one of thirteen mountain in New York with more than 2,000 ft (610 m) of topographic prominence. Snowy Mountain is flanked to the northeast by Squaw Mountain (3239 feet), and to the southwest by Lewey Mountain (3742 feet). A subsidiary ridge comes off the summit to the east ending at unnamed 'Peak 3149' (3149 feet) which forms the head of a large bowl overlooking the Griffin Brook drainage.

I hope you are enjoying this brief interruption known as winter.

Friday is expected to be 50 degrees in Albany, with above average temperatures expected to prevail through the beginning of February.