2018 January 05

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Dairy Farming
Delmar, NY
Delmar, New York
Harvey Mountain State Forest
Spruce Mountain Fire Tower
Stone Store State Forest
West Capitol Park

January 2018
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In Deep Freeze, How One Farmer Keeps Cows Warm And The Milk Flowing

"Sweet says they don't worry about cold weather until it stays below zero during the day. "If it drops to 15 below and then warms up during the day above zero, you're ok. If it stays below zero it gets harder. The water tanks and everything get more ice build up and it's a little harder keeping the water running in the colder parts of the barns."

"I read somewhere that each cow generates 2,350 BTUs. We have 255 of them in here keeping this barn warm," Sweet said. "It's hard to believe a barn this size there's no heat in this beside the cows." Sure enough, some sources say cows give off 4,500 BTUs per hour. The barn does have insulation in the ceiling and end walls, and the side curtains have an R-value of 2. They leave the equipment they use daily in the barn so it doesn't freeze up."

Average Inches of Snow on the Ground at Piseco Airport, 1997-2017

Piseco Lake in the Adirondacks gets a lot more snow then Albany does on a typical year. It looks like if I'm thinking of spring camping south of the gate at the Hamilton County on Piseco-Powley Road, I shouldn't plan on doing it until the start of May, due to likely snow which often lasts quite late in the Adirondacks. As they get lake effect snow in Piseco, and thaws are rarer in the Adirondacks, the snow pack lasts quite a while up north.

Map: Bars In New York State

Map: Bars In New York State

Most of the watering holes in New York State are located in populated areas. I guess that is not real surprising, as that's where the people is and that's where you would build a business. Some of the rural towns in upstate are dry. This might be a more interesting map if I had done bars per capita -- maybe that's a project for a future date. Map shows density of licensed establishments selling liqour for on-site consumption.

Data Source: https://data.ny.gov/Economic-Development/Liquor-Authority-Quarterly-List-of-Active-Licenses/hrvs-fxs2