2017 December 12

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Cod Pond
Coeymans, New York
Delmar, NY
Donald John Trump
Ice Storm 2008
Letchworth State Park
South Bradford State Forest
Tug Hill

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We are now about two weeks out from 2018, with Easter about 16 weeks away. We still have some cooling to happen before we reach the coldest time of year, but slowly we will start digging ourselves out winter and warmer weather that is norm in spring time will once again return.

Albany, NY Temperature Normals and Records

Week Date Dawn Sun-
Dusk Day Avg High Avg Low Record Hi Record Low
0 Dec 12 6:45 am 7:16 am 4:22 pm 4:54 pm 9:05 37 23 62 (1979) -12 (1988)
1 Dec 19 6:49 am 7:21 am 4:24 pm 4:56 pm 9:02 35 20 54 (1895) -13 (1973)
2 Dec 26 6:52 am 7:24 am 4:28 pm 5:00 pm 9:04 33 18 59 (1895) -17 (1914)
3 Jan 2 6:53 am 7:25 am 4:34 pm 5:06 pm 9:08 31 16 61 (1890) -20 (1970)
4 Jan 9 6:53 am 7:24 am 4:41 pm 5:12 pm 9:16 30 15 62 (2008) -20 (1968)
5 Jan 16 6:50 am 7:21 am 4:49 pm 5:20 pm 9:27 30 14 62 (1995) -16 (1971)
6 Jan 23 6:46 am 7:16 am 4:58 pm 5:28 pm 9:41 31 14 64 (1906) -20 (1970)
7 Jan 30 6:40 am 7:10 am 5:07 pm 5:36 pm 9:56 31 15 56 (2013) -12 (1965)
8 Feb 6 6:33 am 7:02 am 5:16 pm 5:45 pm 10:13 33 16 55 (1991) -20 (1948)
9 Feb 13 6:24 am 6:53 am 5:25 pm 5:54 pm 10:31 34 17 58 (1900) -18 (1875)
10 Feb 20 6:15 am 6:43 am 5:34 pm 6:03 pm 10:50 36 18 66 (1930) -16 (1966)
11 Feb 27 6:04 am 6:32 am 5:43 pm 6:11 pm 11:10 38 20 61 (1997) -13 (1940)
12 Mar 6 5:53 am 6:21 am 5:51 pm 6:19 pm 11:30 40 22 63 (1974) -21 (1948)
13 Mar 13 6:41 am 7:09 am 7:00 pm 7:28 pm 11:50 43 24 70 (2012) -6 (1885)
14 Mar 20 6:28 am 6:56 am 7:08 pm 7:36 pm 12:11 46 27 78 (2012) 2 (1967)
15 Mar 27 6:16 am 6:44 am 7:16 pm 7:44 pm 12:31 49 30 78 (1998) 11 (1975)
16 Apr 3 6:04 am 6:32 am 7:24 pm 7:52 pm 12:51 53 33 79 (1981) 16 (1954)

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Map: South Bradford State Forest

Map: South Bradford State Forest

The 1,819-acre South Bradford State Forest features a portion of the Finger Lakes Hiking Trail and is the northern end of the Crystal Hills Branch Hiking Trail. This forest also has significant mineral activity, visitors should expect to see natural gas wellheads and pipelines. Today, South Bradford and all state forests in New York are managed for multiple benefits to serve the needs of the people of New York. Sustainable management practices will ensure a perpetual supply of timber, a diversity of wildlife habitats, compatible recreational opportunities and clean water.

Located on the area is a portion of the Finger Lakes Trail and Crystal Hills Branch Trail (both foot traffic only). Maintenance is done by the volunteers of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference (leaves DEC website) under a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement. The Finger Lakes Trail is a segment of the North Country National Scenic Trail (leaves DEC website) a 3200-mile trail which extends from New York to North Dakota, and the Crystal Hills Branch Trail is a segment of the Great Eastern Trail (leaves DEC website) which, when finished, will end in Alabama.

The South Bradford Lean-to is located at the intersection of the Finger Lakes Trail and the Crystal Hills Trail. At-large primitive camping is also allowed in this unit. Campsites must be at least 150 feet away from the nearest road, trail, or body of water. Camping for more than three nights or in groups of ten or more requires a permit from a Forest Ranger.


Greenville Central School District, Total State Aid

School Districts, especially districts with a small tax base in poor rural and poor parts of our state, receive a great deal of their funding through the state. This funding can be quite variable, as seen immediately after the 2009 recession when the state cut funding to schools across the state under the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA). This graph shows the history of total state aid funding to my alma mater, Greenville Central School. In 2008, before the recession they received $11.3 million in total aid, which dropped to $9.5 million as the GEA cuts fully took effect during 2011. They wouldn't see their aid increased above the 2008 level until the 2016 school year, which is when the GEA was fully repealed. These numbers look at total aid, which includes building aid, which can be quite variable based on how much state aid funded construction, so this may not give a completely accurate picture of funds received.

Data Source: Projected school aid runs based on the enacted state budget for 2017-18. (As prepared by NYSUT; an excel spreadsheet.) https://www.nysut.org/news/2017/april/school-aid-runs-your-districts-funding-for-2017-18

Also, earlier today I posted a map of what percentage of local school budgets are state funded. If you missed it, you can see it here: http://andyarthur.org/google-maps-2017-18-proposed-budget-funded-by-property-tax.html

Should We Pay The Staggering Economic And Human Costs Of Nuclear Weapons?

"This October, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that its estimate of the cost for the planned “modernization” the U.S. nuclear weapons complex over the next three decades has risen to $1,200,000,000,000.00. For those of you not familiar with such lofty figures, that’s $1.2 trillion. Furthermore, when adjusted for inflation, the cost of the program―designed to provide new weapons for nuclear warfare on land, in the sea, and in the air, plus upgraded or new facilities to produce them―grows to $1.7 trillion."

"That $1.7 trillion could provide an awful lot of healthcare, education, housing, parks, public transportation, roads, public radio, clean water, child nutrition, disability benefits, Social Security, and other public services to improve the lives of Americans. But, of course, it won’t. Instead, this enormous economic burden of paying for nuclear weapons will fall heavily upon (or perhaps destroy) whatever is left of such programs after the current Republican administration and Congress finish gutting them through budget cuts."

"Much the same incredibly costly nuclear “modernization” is happening today in the eight other nuclear-armed nations, where the welfare of their citizens is being sacrificed on the altar of national military “strength.”

Google Maps: Coeymans Town Supervisor

Philip A. Crandall (D/C/ICE/WF/REF) was re-elected Town Supervisor over challenger Keith E. Mahler Jr. (R) in a close 51.2% to 48.7%. A fairly close local race, it did not follow the common pattern in Coeymans Town with the more westerly election districts going redder and eastern districts going bluer. It was a bit of an usual race in the sense that Democratic-candidate Crandall had the Conservative and Independence lines, which put gave him line in several districts that would have otherwise gone red. Coeymans 6 in particular, Crandall pulled 30 votes on the Conservative line, 9.2% of the votes cast in that district and 16 votes from Independence Line, an additional 4.9% of the district. He only won the district by 22 votes, so it's obvious that ICE/CON pulled him over the line there in that normally fairly red district.

Google Maps: 2017-18 Proposed Budget Funded By Property Tax

It varies in our state on how much local schools are funded via local property taxes versus state aid. Generally, downstate and more affluent suburbs rely more on local property taxes then upstate communities. The school districts in the Adirondack Park and Catskill Park are heavily reliant on property taxes -- but they also receive significant amounts of aid in form of property taxes paid on state land in those school districts.