2017 November 30

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Albany City Hall
Albany County
Center Square Pub
John Boyd Thacher State Park
Keating, Pennsylvania
NYS Census - Income
Point Au Roche State Park
Rock City and McCarty Hill State Forest

November 2017
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How Inflation and Unemployment Are Related

"The inverse correlation between inflation and unemployment should be intuitively easy to grasp. Based on the fundamental principles of supply and demand, inflation ought to be low when unemployment is high, and vice versa."e

"However, this relationship is more complicated than it appears at first glance, and has broken down on a number of occasions over the past 45 years. As inflation and (un)employment are two of the most important economic variables that affect us in our daily lives, it is important to gain an understanding of their association."

Buying local is more expensive than it looks

"Snappy “buy local” sound bites do not make sensible economic policy. By directing money at one group, another is shut out. By picking a winner in one place, a loser wilts elsewhere—and perhaps closer to home than you might think. They also have a nasty political undercurrent. Calls to buy local inevitably act to exclude outsiders, fostering a sense of “them” and “us”. What seems wholesome has a darker side."

Core Rate of Inflation, October 2012-17

The Core Inflation Rate for October 2017 was 1.80%. Since March the core rate of inflation has fallen below 2.0% which is the target rate of the federal reserve, as it's a reasonable amount of inflation to allow the economy grow and provide jobs and low unemployment but keep inflation in check so products and services remain affordable. The drop in inflation may be due to recent fed hikes, or it may be due to the US economy starting to cool. Regardless, it has to be disconcerting for those who think we might be heading into a recession.

Chart: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items Less Food and Energy [CPILFESL], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CPILFESL, November 30, 2017.

Map: McCarty Hill State Forest

Map: McCarty Hill State Forest

Rock City and McCarty Hill State Forests, also known as Cattaraugus Reforestation Areas #5 and #8, covers approximately 6,229 acres. These state forests are located in Cattaraugus County in the Towns of Mansfield, Little Valley, Ellicottville and Great Valley. This unit shares its boundary lines with two major ski areas and is near Ellicottville, New York--a place that has become a year-round destination resort area. The most common recreational uses of this area are hunting, hiking, mountain bike riding, skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, camping and snowmobile riding. These state forests also have a rich history which has shaped the way they look today.

There are camp sites available with covered picnic tables at Camp Seneca and Little Rock City recreation areas. Rock City camp area has four available sites like the one pictured that are tent camping only. Camping is allowed at designated sites only and there is no water supply (look for yellow camp disks at sites). Build fires in designated rock fire rings and not on roads, turn-around areas, picnic tables, or anywhere else that will cause damage or leave a mess to clean up. There is no garbage pick up at these sites; this area is carry in - carry out only!

On other areas of these state forests you can set up camp as long as you are 150 feet away from a road, trail, stream or waterbody.

Look for our yellow "camp here" disks which designate camp sites on the property. Please see maps for general locations. For map locations of Rock City and Camp Seneca as well as other camp locations please view the camp map at the top of the page.


Google Maps: 2017 Albany Common Council Primary

This year in the 2017 Albany City Democratic Primary there were three candidates for President of the Albany Common Council, Corey L. Ellis (49.87%), Christopher T. Higgins (33.01%) and Mark A. Robinson (14.91%). Districts that favored Ellis are shown a deeper blue, while districts that favored Higgins are shown a deeper green. In districts where there margin were close to equal, are shown in white.

The result from the primary were geographically mixed, although it's clear that Ellis' base of support was Albany's South End and Arbor Hill, while Higgins did better in Center Square, Normanskill, Whitehall, North Bethlehem, and Ward 12 (Upper Washington Avenue - Lincoln Avenue - Upper Central Avenue).