2017 November 26

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Allegheny National Forest
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East Branch Sacandaga River
Guilderland, New York
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November 2017
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Mobile virtual network operator

Not having regular Internet at home, I'm not really up on the net neutrality debate. I guess it's something that the techies are into.

On the other hand, I'm a big fan of mobile virtual network operators on the cellphone networks. I think more competition has helped to drive down costs and make smartphone service more available and cheaper. Shouldn't cable companies be required to allow any company to hook in for to their last mile? Rather then buying Internet Service from Time Warner Cable, you should be able to choose from many different providers. While Time Warner would ultimately install the physical line to your house, the backbone and all service would come from your choice of providers. Many countries already do this, and in New York we do this with electricity -- everybody gets the electricity delivered from their local utility but people are free to choose their supplier.

Map: Echo Lake

Map: Echo Lake

Overlook Mountain is the southernmost peak of the Catskill Escarpment in the central Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, New York. Centerpiece of the 590-acre (239 ha) Overlook Mountain Wild Forest area of Catskill Park, the mountain is the site of one of the remaining five Catskill Mountain fire towers and the Overlook Mountain House, a hotel which was built at a higher elevation than any other in the range.