2017 November 10

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Albany County
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November 2017
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LD 38 Special Election

This pie chart shows the total votes by candidate by line for the special election held on November 7th for Albany County Legislator District 38.

Candidate Votes
Victoria A. Plotsky (DEM) 1054
Timothy W. Stanton (REP) 820
Timothy W. Stanton (CON) 239
Victoria A. Plotsky (WOR) 112
Victoria A. Plotsky (IND) 135

Probably the greatest disappointment of my October road trip was driving through the Shenandoah Valley. I expected a lot more of the Lee-Jackson Highway, although I probably shouldn’t have because it’s US Route 11, and is historically quite built up from the time before Interstate 81 bypassed it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some definitely scenic sections of the Lee-Jackson Highway, but much of it is the same used car dealerships, Walmart’s, big boxes and same small towns that you see across America. There are some truly wonderful sections but in many cases housing distracts from the otherwise scenic rolling farm country.

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It was probably my fault for taking US 11. I was originally planning a route in the the western, more remote part of the valley, but I miss placed my Virigina map, so I ended up taking US 250 all the way to Stauton. I guess I didn’t realize what a big city Stauton really is — it’s big enough to warrant a ring road expressway around it — and endless residential sprawl seems to extend in all directions from it. The chicken barns and turkey farms aren’t nearly as scenic as the dairy farms that more common in Upstate NY. There are some cattle farms, and I passed at least one dairy farm, but the land has a distinctively different character then what I had previously experienced in Upstate NY.

The Blue Ridge between Stauton and Buchanan is less impressive then Imagined. Looking up the ridges look more like hills then mountains. I think the ridges in the high country of West Virginia are much higher and more pronounced then Virginia. Certainly the Shenandoah Valley is much wider then most of the valleys in northern West Virginia.

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I guess I really didn’t know what to expect from driving through the Shenadoah Valley. I just hated how trapped I felt when I was in Shendoah National Park — there are only limited exits from the park due to the need to have paybooths at every entrance. Even the Blue Ridge Parkway seems disconnected from the lands below.

Maybe I should have instead gone to Shenandoah National Park for a few days so I could have been spending my time looking down, rather then up from the valley. Or better yet spent more time in West Virginia. There is a lot of the Monongahela National Forest that I have yet to see. Maybe I should have drove up Spruce Mountain again, so I could say I was at the top of the Mountain State. But I did that already.

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At any rate, I don’t think I will be visiting the Shenandoah Valley anytime soon again. It’s pretty to look down at from the mountains, but it hardly inspires me looking up at the surrounding ridge lines.

Bought a set of two 5050 LED RGB string, logic-grade MOSFET transistors and a 10 amp 12 VDC power supply. It will be interesting to see how well my LED driver will work once I get it all together — and if it improves my sleep.

The LED strings are 5 meters or 15 feet long. The strings each consume 3 amp at 12 VDC or 36 watts. The power supply can drive both but I will only use one, because a each string has 150 LEDs of the 5050 which put out 16 lumens a piece or 2,400 lumens at maximum brightness — which is about as bright as a 150 watt incandescent bulb.

Obviously, I wouldn’t probably drive them at full brightness, even while reading at night. The LED driver I am building will allow full control of brightness and color, so I can have a warm white light at night at a cooler light with more blue in the morning. I would probably code in a mode that would dim the lights into a nice red, fading to black in the evening, then have a bluish light in the morning.

Map: 2015 Albany County Democratic Primary – County Executive – City of Albany

Map: 2015 Albany County Democratic Primary – County Executive – City of Albany

Albany County (/ˈɔːlbəniː/ awl-bə-nee) is a county located in the U.S. state of New York, and is part of the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name is from the title of the Duke of York and Albany, who became James II of England (James VII of Scotland). As of the 2010 census, the population was 304,204.[1] As originally established, Albany County had an indefinite amount of land, but has only 530 square miles (1,400 km2) as of March 3, 1888. The county seat is Albany, the state capital.


77 WABC-1965 Northeast Blackout-DAN INGRAM

Last night marked 57 years since the Great 1965 Blackout. The power didn't go instantly, instead the frequency of the alternating current dropped as parts of the grid failed and remaining generators still online tried to crank out sufficient current to keep the lights running. As radio stations were using tape decks back then, as the frequency of the alternating current slowed, you can actually hear the tape recording of Jonathan King's "Everybody's Gone to the Moon" slow down. It was a perfect song to be playing on that night, because it was a full moon.

Map: R Milton Hick State Forest

Map: R Milton Hick State Forest

The 1,293 acres of R. Milton Hick Memorial State Forest is maintained by the Susquehanna Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club. The Roseboom Nordic Ski Trail is marked with yellow trailmarkers and follows old logging roads and crosses two low north-south ridges. They are generally easy walking with occasional short, moderately steep climbs.

From Pleasant Brook on State Highway 165, turn south on La Fleure Road. At .3 miles, take a left fork onto Perry Hill Road and continue up a steep hill to the trailhead parking area on the right, at 1.8 miles from State HIghway 165.

In winter, an alternative route with gentler grades is often preferrable. From County Highway 34, 3 miles north of Westford of 3.5 miles south of State Highway 165, turn north on Josclyn Road, which becomes Perry Hill Road, and continue 1 mile to the trailhead parking lot. Most of La Fleure Road, which also bisects Hick State Forest, is not maintained in winter.