2017 October 24

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Alfred E. Smith Building
Blackwater Falls State Park
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Flight 93 National Memorial
Garrett County, Maryland
Mill Hall, PA
Mount Storm
Ohiopyle State Park
West Virginia

October 2017
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Scenic Corridor H

Corridor H is a new divided highway that runs along the northern tier of West Virginia from Davis, WV to Moorefield, WV. Eventually it may be upgraded to the superhighway, but for now it's a two lane divided highway with some at-grade intersections. While much of the highway passes coal mining areas, it also has some very scenic sections.

On this day, West Virginia starts controversial statehood process

"On October 24, 1861, a group of delegates in 39 Virginia counties decided to start the process of forming their own state during the Civil War, beginning a constitutional debate that continues to this day."

"The federal government later recognized West Virginia as a state on June 20, 1863, while at the same time Virginia, one of the original signers to the Constitution, remained in rebellion. But soon after the Civil War concluded, questions started popping up about West Virginia’s unusual path to statehood. A Supreme Court decision in 1870 seemingly settled the question, but it didn’t answer directly the statehood issue in a 6-3 decision."

"The counties of northwestern Virginia had disputes with eastern Virginia that well-preceded the Civil War about voter representation and property. Those problems came to a head in April 1861 when Virginia’s governor and legislature approved of the state’s secession from the federal government. A subsequent referendum approved the withdrawal from the Union on regional voting lines."