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LED Streetlights Are Giving Neighborhoods the Blues

"For some, those first LED lights have been a fiasco. The harsh glare of certain blue-rich designs is now thought to disrupt people’s sleep patterns and harm nocturnal animals. And these concerns have been heaped on the complaints of astronomers, who as far back as 2009 have criticized the new lights. That’s the year the International Dark-Sky Association, a coalition that opposes light pollution, started worrying that blue-rich LEDs could be “a disaster for dark skies and the environment,” says Chris Monrad, a director of IDA and a lighting consultant in Tucson."

"When my city of Newton, Mass., announced plans to install LED streetlights in 2014, I was optimistic. I’m all for energy conservation, and I was happy with the LED bulbs in my home office. But months later, returning from a week’s vacation in rural Maine, I was shocked to find my neighborhood lit by a stark bluish blaze that washed out almost all of the stars in the night sky."

"Lately, lighting companies have introduced LED streetlights with a warmer-hued output, and municipalities have begun to adopt them. Some communities, too, are using smart lighting controls to minimize light pollution. They are welcome changes, but they’re happening none too soon: An estimated 10 percent of all outdoor lighting [PDF] in the United States was switched over to an earlier generation of LEDs, which included those problematic blue-rich varieties, at a potential cost of billions of dollars."

The time change in two weeks will provide much needed boost of sunlight in the morning, even if it means that evening comes earlier.

Upcoming Sunrises:

7:30 am sunrise – Tuesday, October 31
Standard Time Begins – Sunrise on Sunday, November 5 is at 6:35 am
6:45 am sunrise – Sunday, November 12
7:00 am sunrise – Friday, November 24
7:15 am sunrise – Saturday, December 9
Latest Sunrise (Standard Time) – Tuesday, January 2 at 7:25 am
7:15 am sunrise – Thursday, January 25
7:00 am sunrise – Thursday, February 8
6:45 am sunrise – Sunday, February 18
6:30 am sunrise – Wednesday, February 28
6:15 am sunrise – Friday, March 9

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After Controversy Over Condolence Calls, Can Trump And The White House Refocus?

"Part of the problem for Americans is the disconnect Panetta highlights between the military and the rest of society. In 1945, just before the end of World War II, there were 12 million active servicemembers. Now, there are just over a million or so."

"They're the best 1 percent this country produces," White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday in his defense of President Trump in the White House briefing room.

"It's actually less than 1 percent. That number in 1945 represented roughly 9 percent of the country's total population. Now, the number of active-duty servicemembers is only about 0.4 percent of the population."

"Most of you, as Americans, don't know them," Kelly continued. "Many of you don't know anyone that knows any one of them."

"Americans are far less engaged in the debate over worldwide American missions than they likely would be if they had a daughter or son or neighbor in the fight. That has to have an effect on American society and policymaking."