Map: Five Mile Point

Map: Five Mile Point

The Lake George Wild Forest consists of approximately 71,133 acres of State Forest Preserve lands in the southeastern Adirondacks in the towns of Bolton, Chester, Hague, Horicon, Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Queensbury and Warrensburg in Warren County and the towns of Dresden, Fort Ann, and Putnam in Washington County and is generally bounded on the north by the Warren County line, on the west by the Hudson River, and on the south and east by the Adirondack Park boundary. The Lake George Wild Forest contains miles of marked trails available to explore, allowing the public to easily access a variety of majestic natural attractions such as Black Mountain, Shelving Rock, and Prospect Mountain.

Recreationists also enjoy year-round activities on Lake George, and popular fishing and camping locations at Lily Pond, Jabe Pond, Gay Pond and Palmer Pond. The Lake George Wild Forest is a popular area for motorized recreational uses and ice fishing, and serves as an important link with the adjoining snowmobile trail network.

In addition, the Hudson River Recreation Area of the Lake George Wild Forest enables the public to experience a unique flatwater environment and other recreation opportunities along this historic waterway.

Sunrise and Sunset October 4 through November 2

With the sunrise at 6:59 AM today, mornings certainly are dark. And they will only get darker as we head towards the first day of Standard Time. By Tuesday, November 2nd, the sun won't rise until 7:31 AM. I guess I will be getting up before dawn if I want to make it to work on time, at least in time to get the express bus. This chart is depressing -- and don't even look at the top line, reflecting the sunset, which also is getting much earlier.