Coal Mining Jobs Are Down, Fatalities Are Up – Why?

"In the first seven months of 2017 there have been 10 coal-mining fatalities in our country. The year is just past the halfway mark, and there have already been more deaths this year than in the entire year of 2016. As of right now, we are on track to record more coal-mining fatalities this year than in the previous four years. With coal employment being at an all-time low, that can mean a few things: miners are being more careless, companies are cutting back on safety protocol and maintenance, or safety inspectors at both the state and federal level are cutting back on the attention given to each mine."

Camp Boyhaven faithful say goodbye

“This is probably the last time we’ll all see each other together again,” said Paul Chiarello, 25, who attended the camp as a Boy Scout before becoming a counselor in high school."

"A combination of declining attendance and a lack of resources to maintain the facilities at Boyhaven have led the Boy Scouts of America to negotiate the property’s sale to the town of Milton."

Google Maps: Median Age Per NY Census Tract

The youngest part of New York State is the many college (SUNY Albany, Alfred, Purchase, Oswego, Fordham, Stoney Brook, etc.) and military (Fort Drum, West Point) census tracts, along the Borough Park and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Some of the oldest parts of New York at the Adirondack Park, the Western Catskills, and the Western Finger Lakes. Reds and oranges are older median age, while blue and greens are younger median age.

Data Source: 2015 American Community Survey, 5 Year Average, DP02 SELECTED SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS IN THE UNITED STATES.