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September 2017
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Age of Coal Generating Units, 2008 vs 2015

As recently as 2008, the median coal generating in America was built in January 1966 or earlier. Since implementation of various Clean Air regulations and the switching over to natural gas, the median age of a coal plant in the United States now dates back to 1972. That means 50% of all coal generating units that are still operating today were brought online prior to 1972.

Data Source:
2008 Data is from Source Watch, Age comparison of coal plants, based on 2008 EIA 860 form. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Existing_U.S._Coal_Plants#cite_note-14
2015 Data is from Energy Information Agency, EIA 860

Happy Weekend! Mostly cloudy with rain showers around and 65 degrees in Albany. There is a west-northwest breeze at 9 mph. The dew point is 52 degrees. The skies will clear around 8 pm.

I was a bit concerned that they might close the road before the bus came but it wasn’t a problem. Tonight is the big Labor Parade downtown and they end up closing off the streets. The bus was a few minutes late but not too bad. Traffic though is really bad heading out of the city. Just sitting at the end of 787 but I expect to be home by six. Traffic since the beginning of the school year has been so sluggish on the expressway. 

The sun will set at 7:16 pm with dusk around 7:44 pm, which is one minute and 46 seconds earlier than yesterday. At sunset, look for partly cloudy conditions and 60 degrees. The dew point will be 51 degrees. There will be a west-northwest breeze at 8 mph. 

Tonight will have a Waning Gibbous Moon with 82% illuminated, rising at 9:25 pm. The moon will set tomorrow at 11:05 am. The Last Quarter Moon is on Tuesday night with partly cloudy skies. The Hunter Moon is on Thursday, October 5th. The sun will rise at 6:28 am with the first light at 6:00 am, which is one minute and 3 seconds later than yesterday. Tonight will have 11 hours and 13 minutes of darkness, an increase of 2 minutes and 50 seconds over last night.

Tonight will have a chance of showers and thunderstorms before 8pm, then a slight chance of showers between 8pm and 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low of 49 degrees at 4am. Five degrees below normal. Northwest wind around 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. In 2016, we had mostly cloudy skies. It was very sticky. It got down to 69 degrees. The record low of 36 occurred back in 1938.

The bigger, longer kayak paddle I ordered arrived in the mail today. It’s 20 cm or eight inches longer than the previous model I ordered so it should fit me well. I think it only cost me $3 because I used credit card rewards and I got 25% off for the Labor Day special. The color doesn’t match the kayak but if I want to I could paint it any color I desire. I don’t think it really matters though. It will get me back on the water. I plan to go fishing on Tompkins Lake this weekend. Maybe also visit the Thacher Park Nature Center and do some hiking too.

I also need to fill the propane tank I use for camping, wire up the relay for the CB radio and catch up on sleep. I don’t think I’ve gotten enough sleep lately. I probably also will need to pick up some more groceries and a few other supplies. It’s good to stay in town every once and a while. 

In four weeks on October 6 the sun will be setting at 6:27 pm, which is 49 minutes and 26 seconds earlier then today. In 2016 on that day, we had patches of fog, mist, sunny skies and temperatures between 75 and 41 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 64 and 43 degrees. The record high of 90 degrees was set back in 1900.

Looking ahead, Autumn Begins is in 2 weeks.

Google Maps: Producing Coal Mines In America (2014)

You will need to zoom in to view the individual coal mines in each region of country. Warmer color balloons are mines that produced the greatest tonnage of coal in 2014. Click on balloons to see mine name, tonnage produced, underground versus strip mining, and other information about each mine.

Data Source: Energy Information Agency - Coal Mines, Surface and Underground All operating surface and underground coal mines in the United States (2014).

Total US Carbon Emissions, August 2012-2017, million metric tons

Carbon emissions have gradually fallen in recent years due to the move from coal to gas, increased fuel economy, and other changes in industry. Cold winter months and hot summer months is when energy use tends to spike the most in the United States.

Data Source: Total Energy CO2 Emissions, million metric tons. EIA Monthly Energy Review. Includes electric power sector use of geothermal energy and non-biomass waste. https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/query/

Monthly Coal Production, August 2012-2017

Did President Trump bring back the coal industry? Not really based on this graph. While coal production has seen an uptick compared to 2016, coal production in the United States still remains at a level below production levels seen in 2012, 2013, 2014. Relatively inexpensive gas and the permanent retirement of many coal plants means coal will "never be great again".

Data Source: Coal Production, Total U.S. In million short tons produced in America. EIA Weekly Coal Production Report. https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/query/

Sunset Times Across New York

This interactive graph shows the sunset times for selected locations across New York for the next 16 weeks, through January 10th. As you can see the earliest sunsets of the year are around December 9th, but the difference between sunsets varies depending on what part of the state you are currently at due to differences in latitude and longitude.