2017 July 29

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Cowanesque Lake
Finger Lakes National Forest
Sugar Hill State Forest
Wakely Mountain
Watkins Glen State Park

July 2017
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Map: Wakely Mountain Trail

Map: Wakely Mountain Trail

Wakely Mountain Firetower is a 92-foot tall firetower, the tallest in New York State, and is located at 3,742 ft elevation mountain. It offers views of the Blue Ridge Wilderness, High Peaks, Fulton Chain of Lakes, Payne Mountain, Cedar River Flow (southern end), Moose River Plains, and West Canada Lake Wilderness.

It is a 3.0 mile hike up it, with a 1635 ft ascent. The first 2 miles follow a gently climbing old woods road, with the last 1.0 miles being a 1,300 ft ascent.

The trailhead is located 1 mile east of Wakely Dam / Cedar River Entrance of Moose River Plains or 12 miles west of the Cedar River Road and NY 30 triangle.

Good evening! Sunny and 73 degrees in Watkins Glen. There is a north breeze at 10 mph. The dew point is 51 degrees. It is such a nice evening after such a nice day, as I while away those final hours of vacation at the Watkins Glen State Park pool. The week didn’t really go to plan with all the rain and clouds but today is really nice.  

The sun will set at 8:29 pm with dusk around 9:01 pm, which is one minute and 5 seconds earlier than yesterday. At sunset, look for mostly clear conditions and 66 degrees. The dew point will be 51 degrees. There will be a north breeze at 6 mph.

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low of 53 degrees at 5am. Nine degrees below normal. Maximum dew point of 52 at 9pm. North wind 5 to 9 mph becoming calm in the evening. In 2016, we had cloudy skies. It got down to 64 degrees. The record low of 44 occurred back in 1968.

Tonight will have a Waxing Crescent Moon. The First Quarter Moon will be tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. The Strugeon Moon is on Monday, August 7th. The sun will rise at 5:58 am with the first light at 5:26 am, which is one minute later than yesterday. Tonight will have 9 hours and 29 minutes of darkness, an increase of 2 minutes and 5 seconds over last night.

Tomorrow will be sunny, with a high of 77 degrees at 4pm. Five degrees below normal. Maximum dew point of 59 at 6pm. Calm wind becoming north around 6 mph in the afternoon. A year ago, we had cloudy skies. The high last year was 79 degrees. The record high of 100 was set in 1933.

In four weeks on August 26 the sun will be setting at 7:50 pm, which is 39 minutes and 17 seconds earlier then today. In 2016 on that day, we had rain, mist, mostly sunny skies and temperatures between 87 and 66 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 79 and 59 degrees. The record high of 98 degrees was set back in 1948.

Looking ahead, Last Sunset After 8 PM is in 2 weeks, National Dog Day is in 4 weeks, Lowville Cream Cheese Festival is in 7 weeks, Beaver Moon is in 14 weeks and 35th Birthday is in 6 months.