2017 July 22

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Criminal Justice
Danby State Forest
Finger Lakes National Forest
Kunjamuk River
Lewey Lake
Montezuma Audubon Center
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
North Lake Reservoir
Watkins Glen State Park

July 2017
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Map: Lewey Lake

Map: Lewey Lake

Located at the southern tip of Long Lake, Lewey Lake is a 2 1/2 mile "quiet water" lake protected by the mountains of the West Canada Lake Wilderness to the east. It is home to the Lewey Lake Campground, and you will either have to camp there, get a day use pass, or have an Empire Passport to explore this lake.

Riding With ICE: ‘We’re Trying To Do The Right Thing’

"Under President Trump, ICE agents are told to arrest anyone in the country illegally. Since Trump's executive order in January, calling for more aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, ICE arrests have skyrocketed and the agency plans to hire more agents."

"Immigrants without legal status "should be afraid," according to Thomas Homan, the federal agency's acting director."

"But that tougher stance has put the agency on the hot seat. Immigrant advocates say ICE agents are fearmongering and arresting people who only broke the law to come to the U.S. for a better life. The agents say they're misunderstood and that they simply want to enforce the law."

Map: Danby State Forest

Map: Danby State Forest

Danby State Forest (Tompkins #1) encompasses 7,337 acres of public open space in the towns of Danby, Candor and Spencer. It is one of two forests covered in the Rapid Water Unit Management Plan. Its large size and close proximity to the city of Ithaca and the Finger Lakes Region make Danby State Forest a great place to enjoy activities such as hunting, hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, picnicking and camping. Danby State Forest is a working State Forest that is sustainably managed to provide recreational services, diverse wildlife habitat, firewood and lumber.