Quiet Paddle Along Auger Flats

Often over looked, Auger Flats is a 2-3 mile flat water on the Sacandaga River, north of Auger Falls. To access it, you drive to the Auger Falls Parking Area, then head to the back of the parking area, and to a trail that leads to the quiet section of the Sacandaga River. From there, you have at least 9/10th of a mile paddle before the first portage, and probably can go about two miles beyond that before it becomes rapids again.

A Place Where Carrying a Gun is the Law

"Did you know that there’s actually a place in the world where it is mandatory that every resident own a gun?
The video above from Amazing Places, takes us to Svalbard, a group of islands in the High Arctic, just north of Norway."

"There, not only do you have to own a gun, but you also have to carry one by law. Even visitors must be accompanied outside of town by an armed guard if they aren’t familiar with firearms. But, why? And no, it’s not a political statement."

"Because the local citizenry faces a very real danger from polar bears, the creatures with whom they share their northern home."