2017 July 10

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July 2017
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The White Elephant of Tel Aviv

"Though construction began in the 1960s, the building would not be inaugurated until decades later. The station was initially designed by Ram Karmi in 1967 but eventually completed in 1993 by architects Yael Rothshild and Moti Bodek. The project became something of a white elephant, a nickname recognized rather overtly during the opening ceremony when a white elephant balloon dropped in on the festivities."

Game Farm Property in Berne

A quick drive up to the Town of Berne's newest town park, the Game Farm Property, which for a few years in the early 2000s was a Buddist Camp. There are no trails up there AFAIK, just a large community hall and buildings from when it was a hunting club and game farm.

Map: Dannemora Mountain Haul Road Trails

Map: Dannemora Mountain Haul Road Trails

Just north of Dannemora, as you climb Dannemora Mountain on NY 374, there is a pull off with a water fountain that is popular for tourists and locals seeking a source of good spring water. From there are several old haul road trails that you can hike along on Dannemora Mountain, a previously logged area that once supplied the wood used in the wood furnaces that heated Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. At one time, the state brought prisoners up here to log the area, and provide heat for their facility. The mixed cover is good for wildlife viewing and hunting in this remote, little visited portion of the Northern Adirondacks.