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Ford to Ride-Sharing Firms: Our Service Centers are Ready and Waiting

"Ford Motor Company may soon press dealership service centers to prioritize maintenance and repairs for ride-sharing fleets and their employees. This comes after the company’s decision to expand its in-house shuttling firm, known as Chariot, and as its long-term plan to bring an autonomous ride-sharing solution to market by 2021 takes shape. But Ford also knows rival companies can be a strong source of revenue. Omnicraft, anyone?

Even moderately sized cities have several thousand Uber and Lyft drivers, and Ford’s CEO of Smart Mobility Raj Rao thinks they represent an untapped resource. He believes service centers should go the extra mile for them, even if it means some dealerships have to stay open 24 hours to provide swift turnarounds. "

Map: Wakely Dam Campsites

Map: Wakely Dam Campsites

The Cedar River Flow is a remote 640-acre (2.6 km2) shallow lake, created by the Wakely Dam, where there are 10 campsites accessible via a gravel road, 14 miles (23 km) from Indian Lake or 23 miles (37 km) from Inlet. This area is also known as the Cedar River Entrance, and beyond it is the 150 campsites of Moose River Plains.

More campsites are accessible via canoe, around the Flow. It lies on the border between the Moose River Plains Wild Forest and the West Canada Lake Wilderness Area.

You can paddle up the Cedar River, above Cedar River Flow to the first Lean-To. Shortly thereafter, water levels are too low for paddling.

LED Light Test

On the shelf in my truck cap, under the gun rack I have a series of LED strips that allow me to adjust the brightness and color inside my truck cap.

LED lights are very energy efficient and inexpensive -- the newest set of color changing lights can be changed to eight different colors, different brightness settings, and a series of flash and fade patterns. I also have a strip of lights along the roof that provide full illumination of the truck cap, hooked to a dimmer, so I can adjust the brightness to fit my mood and light requirements.

I don't think I've ever spent more then $15 on any of the LED lights in the cap, the dimmer was maybe $8, and the newest set I have comes with a remote and many color choice settings that I got on Ebay for $11.

June 9, 1972 Black Hills flood

"The Black Hills Flood of 1972, also known as the Rapid City Flood, was one of the most detrimental floods in the history of South Dakota. It took place on June 9–10, 1972 in the Black Hills of Western South Dakota. 15 inches (380 mm) of rainfall over six hours sent Rapid Creek and other waterways overflowing, flooding many residential and commercial properties in Rapid City. It also caused flooding of Battle, Spring, Bear Butte, and Boxelder Creeks."

"During the night of June 9, Canyon Lake Dam became clogged with debris and failed, resulting in 238 deaths and 3,057 injuries. Several bodies were never found. Over 1,335 homes and 5,000 automobiles were destroyed. The value of the damaged property was over US $160 million in 1972 dollars."