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Limekiln Lake
Mine Kill State Park
Piseco-Powley Road
Solid Waste
Tupper Lake
Vromans Nose

June 2017
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Map: Limekiln Lake Trails

Map: Limekiln Lake Trails

A great family spot with many summer activities nearby. Visit the nearby water park, browse the various shops in Old Forge, visit one of the nearby museums including the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake, golf in nearby Inlet and Indian Lake. Hiking opportunities in the area include Old Dam Nature Trail, Rocky Mountain, Blackbear Mountain and Bald Mountain. Access to Moose River Plains Wild Forest is also close by. Limekiln Lake Campground has 271 campsites, hot showers, a guarded swimming beach and canoe rentals. Canoes, rowboats and motorboats are allowed on the lake, giving access to fishing for a wide variety of fish including yellow perch, bullhead and splake.


Map: Edick Road Extension

Map: Edick Road Extension

Piseco-Powley Road runs from Stratford to Piseco, along west of one of the last old Adirondack dirt roads. Home to many old growth Spruce trees -- many that almost touch the road. The West Branch of the East Canada Creek crosses Powley Road under the historic 1911 bridge.

It is located 8 miles south-west from where NY 10 crosses Piseco Outlet, and about 7.5 miles from where Piseco-Powley Road splits off from NY 10. From the south, Powley Place is located 10 1/2 miles north-east from Stratford, via Piseco Road.

There are four campsites located in the general victinity of Powley Place, which are part of the 22 designated campsites along Piseco-Powley Road.


Silent Sparks

"As daylight drains from the summer sky, a cool breeze rustles through a hay-scented New England meadow. Relaxing in the long grass, even the keenest observer might miss the miniature army that’s now awakening from its daytime slumber. One by one, tiny male fireflies are creeping upward along grass highways. They pause at each apex, ready to lift off like silent Black Hawks. But as they prepare for their nightly search missions, these firefly males aren’t motivated by military conquest. Their quest? Genetic immortality. They’re hell-bent on procreation, driven by an urgent need to propel their genes into the next firefly generation. These resolute males are destined to spend every night of their short adult lives valiantly broadcasting their luminous signals. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against them as they head off into the night looking for love."

Why Are Millions of Citizens Not Registered to Vote?

"Registration’s importance to the voting process and the large number of individuals who remain unregistered have spurred several major reforms intended to increase voter registration. Most notably, the federal government’s National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) requires that states allow eligible citizens to register to vote when completing other transactions at state motor vehicle and social services agencies, a provision commonly known as Motor Voter. Since enactment of the law, some states have expanded on this requirement by automating the Motor Voter process. Colorado upgraded its Motor Voter process in 2017, and Oregon became the first state to implement automatic voter registration in 2016, with at least six more planning to implement similar policies in the future. Other states offer Same Day Registration, which allows individuals to register and vote on Election Day, often right at their polling places."