With the dew point at 64 and the mercury around 79 degrees, I think it’s officially those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. After walking down to the Elm Avenue Park and ride, the air conditioning feels nice on the bus, but I’d rather be at the beach today then going to work. I’m ready for summer vacation now even if it’s only May. Sun with some clouds, we will get close but not likely break the record of 94 degrees. I do like summer, especially camping in the wilderness and spending time alternating between the patio and the swimming pool.

The sun will set at 8:14 pm with dusk around 8:47 pm, which is one minute and one second later than yesterday. At sunset, look for partly cloudy conditions and 84 degrees. The dew point will be 61 degrees. There will be a southwest breeze at 10 mph. Today will have 14 hours and 45 minutes of daytime, an increase of one minute and 56 seconds over yesterday.

Tonight will have some scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly before 2am. Some of the storms could produce gusty winds. Partly cloudy, with a low of 67 degrees at 5am. 17 degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 61 at 7pm. Southwest wind 7 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. In 2016, it got down to 49 degrees with rain and partly cloudy skies. The record low of 29 occurred back in 1981.

As previously noted, there are 2 weeks until June 1st when the sun will be setting at 8:27 pm with dusk at 9:01 pm. On that day in 2016, we had mostly cloudy skies and temperatures between 85 and 57 degrees. Typically, the high temperature is 74 degrees. We hit a record high of 94 back in 1918.

I’m a bit tired because I sat out back until after 11, waiting for things to cool down. By morning it was only 74 degrees in my bedroom which was a big drop from when I got home and it was 90 at 9:30 pm. Left that big box fan running all night long which provided a decent breeze. Leaving the curtains drawn meant I could sleep in until ¬†after seven. But still that’s later then I’ve been trying to get to bed lately, but I didn’t want to retire when it was still so warm inside.

Definitely¬†looking forward to more of this nice summer weather, although right now it looks like it will cool off for next weekend. Hot weather is great when your at the beach or the potholers. Those days can’t be far away.

Have a great day!

Good morning! Happy Thursday. Two weeks to June 1st, although today will feel more like July then May. Mostly sunny and 76 degrees in Delmar, NY. There is a south breeze at 6 mph. The dew point is 61 degrees. Hello, summer. 

Today will be mostly sunny, with a high of 92 degrees at 3pm. 22 degrees above normal. Hot summer day on tap. Maximum dew point of 63 at 10am. SSome humidity too.  Southwest wind 6 to 14 mph. A year ago, we had mostly cloudy skies and a high of 69 degrees. The record high of 94 was set in 1962. 2.2 inches of snow fell back in 2002.

Enjoy Summer 2017!

Map: Francis Lake

Map: Francis Lake

Francis Lake is located one mile beyond Number Four on Stillwater Road. There is small an handicap parking lot/boat unloading area along Stillwater Road, you can park on the road shoulder. A small lake with two houses / inholdings on it, the most fascinating park is the large eskers on the south-eastern portion of the lake. There is a campsite on the large esker -- however this portion of the lake tends to be buggy due to this end of the lake being shallow and marshy.