2017 May 16

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May 2017
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Good evening! Partly cloudy and 69 degrees in Delmar. Calm wind. The dew point is 49 degrees. Not a bad evening but I was disappointed that the PBS Newshour didn’t record earlier. I think the digital TV box needs to be turned on and off again. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s hotter weather. 

Tonight will be partly cloudy, with a low of 56 degrees at 5am. Nine degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 49 at 9pm. Light and variable wind. Leave those windows wide open for fresh air! In 2016, it got down to 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The record low of 30 occurred back in 1959.

Waning Gibbous Moon tonight with 61% illuminated. The moon will rise around 11:10 pm. The Last Quarter Moon is on Friday night with partly cloudy expected. The Full “Strawberry” Moon is on Friday, June 9th. The sun will rise at 5:30 am with the first light at 4:58 am, which is 58 seconds earlier than yesterday. I got to draw the curtains and get to bed early because the bright sun keeps waking me up early. Tonight will have 9 hours and 17 minutes of darkness, a decrease of one minute and 59 seconds over last night.

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny, with a high of 87 degrees at 4pm. 17 degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 58 at 6pm. Warm but quite dry air. South wind 7 to 13 mph becoming west in the afternoon. A year ago, we had mostly cloudy skies and a high of 66 degrees. The record high of 89 was set in 1977. We could break that record tomorrow. Should be nice day especially now that things have greened up. Those greens of the new leaves are always pretty. 

A picture perfect weekend on tap, especially because I don’t have to work. Saturday, mostly sunny, with a high near 70. Maximum dew point of 42 at 5pm. Sunday, partly sunny, with a high near 70. Maximum dew point of 49 at 2pm. Typical average high for the weekend is 71 degrees.

I found out that I’m not working this weekend, so that’s kind of nice because it means I can do the Lupine Festival. I might still be on call but I don’t expect anything big to develop during the weekend and Albany is a quicker hop then NY City. I was thinking about going up to the Adirondacks or maybe Schoharie to go camping after the lupine festival, but at this point I think I’ll just hold off for Memorial Day Weekend as I wouldn’t get up there until relatively late on Saturday and at that point, I’m not sure if it’s worth it despite the nice weather — especially being Black Fly Season. It’s just a lot of work to pack and unpack all of the camping gear. Maybe instead I’ll go hiking or paddling in the Catskills. Maybe both — I could go to North/South Lake and toss out a line and paddle, then do some hiking in that area. 

I am looking forward to the warm weather tomorrow and Thursday, although both nights I will have things to do in the city. Wednesday is the Albany Pine Bush Dinner. I’m sure after the dinner I’ll sit out back just like tonight. But not too late because that sun has been waking me up kind of early lately. Maybe try out the fan I have in my truck sitting out back tomorrow. 

I’m just hoping this nice weather lasts through Memorial Day Weekend. Seems like I keep losing at the weather lottery. Saving a shit ton of miles on my truck, and that’s why I haven’t done an oil change yet. I looked at the price of a Walmart oil change, and it’s foolish to waste my time doing it myself. I don’t know if I will go to Walmart but I’m sure doing it myself really ain’t worth the hassle with the price of oil these days. 

I had to return my library books so I went to the library for a bit. Uploaded another graph and I started to work on some new code to start making preview graphs as images to share in social media. It’s a bit complicated but I’m figuring out how to make it happen. 

In four weeks on June 13 the sun will be setting at 8:34 pm, which is 21 minutes and 49 seconds later then tonight. In 2016 on that day, we had rain, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures between 66 and 52 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 77 and 56 degrees. The record high of 94 degrees was set back in 1892.

Looking ahead, 8:30 PM Sunset is in 3 weeks, Independence Day is in 7 weeks, August 1st is in 11 weeks, Altamont Fair Opens is in 13 weeks, Lowville Cream Cheese Festival is in 4 months, Friday the 13th (October) is in 20 weeks, Election Day 2017 is in 25 weeks, Average High is 40 is in 26 weeks, Election Day 2018 is in 77 weeks and Election Day 2020 is in 181 weeks.

Estimated Gasoline Sales in Thousands of Gallons, 1995-2014

Estimated gasoline sales data is derived from New York State Department of Taxation and Finance data on gasoline sales and gasoline sales tax collections. Gasoline sales data is estimated for each county with the exception that individual county data for New York City is not available. Data is weighted for regional price difference sand differing county tax rates.

Data Source: NYSERDA. Estimated Gasoline Sales. https://data.ny.gov/Energy-Environment/Estimated-Gasoline-Sales-Beginning-1995/cwrk-j5nn

Map: Willis-Wilcox Lake Trail

Map: Willis-Wilcox Lake Trail

Wilcox Lake Wild Forest is located in the southeastern part of the Central Adirondacks and is made up of approximately 140,000 acres of State Forest Preserve lands in Warren, Hamilton, Saratoga and Fulton Counties. Nearby communities include Stony Creek, Thurman, Bakers Mills, Day, Wells, Hope Falls, and Northville.

Wilcox Lake Wild Forest is bounded on the north by NY 8, on the east by the Hudson River, on the south by the Adirondack Park Blue Line, and on the west by NY 30. This wild forest offers many recreational opportunities, including hiking to the fire tower on Hadley Mountain, camping on Wilcox Lake, and ice fishing on Garnet Lake. With over forty-five miles of marked trails available, there are countless opportunities for hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling in the unit.

Sunny and 63 degrees this morning on our way up to 73 degrees with more clouds later. Today is the first day when the average temperature is above 70, a typical day between now and September 22 will reach at least 80.

The sun will set at 8:12 pm with dusk around 8:45 pm, which is one minute and one second later than yesterday. At sunset, look for mostly cloudy conditions and 67 degrees. The dew point will be 47 degrees. There will be a west-northwest breeze at 5 mph. Today will have 14 hours and 41 minutes of daytime, an increase of 2 minutes over yesterday.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, with a low of 57 degrees at 3am. Eight degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 50 at 6am. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening. In 2016, it got down to 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The record low of 30 occurred back in 1959.

I got out and cast my protest vote in the school elections and made sure to support my local library. The way I look at voting its mostly a way to confound and annoy the establishment. After all, that’s why I voted for Jill Stein even though I knew she had no chance of winning. Maybe that’s why I sort of like Donald Trump more than I like to admit – he’s blowing up the government establishment, proposing cuts to long established government programs. But not enough cuts to law enforcement or military and defense. Still liberals and conservatives alike need to learn our country needs to change.

I just think society has gotten to addicted to expanding government at all costs, and inventing new laws and crimes to appease special interests. Government should be less democratic, less receptive to every fad or puppy or dead child. I know that cutting government will have short term pain and have people reminiscing about the good old days when government spent lavishly but we can’t afford to go on living the way we are today.

As previously noted, there are 3 weeks until the 8:30 PM Sunset when the sun will be setting at 8:30 pm with dusk at 9:05 pm. On that day in 2016, we had mostly cloudy skies and temperatures between 83 and 59 degrees. Typically, the high temperature is 75 degrees. We hit a record high of 94 back in 1925.

Good morning! School Election Day. Today is the first day with Average High is 70. Three weeks to 8:30 PM Sunset. Summer is coming.  Sunny and 57 degrees in Delmar, NY. There is a west-northwest breeze at 7 mph. The dew point is 46 degrees. A nice morning. 

Today will have increasing clouds, with a high of 73 degrees at 3pm. Three degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 47 at 8am. Northwest wind 7 to 10 mph. A year ago, we had rain, mostly cloudy skies and a high of 59 degrees. The record high of 89 was set in 1991.