2017 April 23

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April 2017
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Good evening! Clear and 58 degrees in Westerlo. There is a south breeze at 5 mph. Not a half bad evening for hanging out in the back of my pickup truck, at my parents house. Sure I wish I still was in the Adirondacks but tomorrow it’s back to work to make more money. Spent enough it this weekend, although honestly I’m pretty set for groceries at least a few days into the week — then maybe mid-week I will go wash my truck and get some more groceries then.

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low of 43 degrees at 5am. Three degrees above normal. South wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening. In 2016, it got down to 35 degrees under partly clear skies. The record low of 25 occurred back in 1965.

Sunday dinner at the parents house was tacos. They were good. I brought raspberry ice cream and cookies which I though were pretty good too. Shop-rite has a good selection of desserts for Sunday dinner.-

I figured get one more night sleeping in the truck before I head home from my parents house. I much prefer the fresh air to being in my bedroom at home, although I certainly would be able to leave my windows open while sleeping at home of the week. But it’s a change sleeping in the camper shell, and honestly, everything works well with the new low voltage disconnect and new battery.

Waning Crescent Moon tonight with 16% illuminated. The moon will rise around 3:30 am. The New Moon is on Wednesday night with mostly cloudy skies expected. The Full “Flower” Moon is on Wednesday, May 10th. The sun will rise at 6:00 am with the first light at 5:30 am, which is one minute and 29 seconds earlier than yesterday. Tonight will have 10 hours and 11 minutes of darkness, a decrease of 2 minutes and 37 seconds over last night.

Tomorrow will be sunny, with a high of 69 degrees at 3pm. Seven degrees above normal. Light north wind. Hard to complain about that forecast. With the dew points in the 30s, expect very clear, deep blue skies. A year ago, we had partly sunny skies and a high of 58 degrees. The record high of 81 was set in 2001. 1.2 inches of snow fell back in 1967.

Been uploading pictures and videos from the past weekend. Don’t worry, there is much more to showcase in the new few days. But it’s a preview of the weekend that has been. It might have not been perfect weather but I still had some fun in the wilderness.

Next weekend should be okay but maybe not awesome. We will have to watch it to see if it goes more in the direction of a washout or more sun. Saturday, partly sunny, with a high near 73. Maximum dew point of 51 at 12pm. Sunday, a chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 71. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Maximum dew point of 52 at 5pm. Typical average high for the weekend is 64 degrees.

In four weeks on May 21 the sun will be setting at 8:17 pm, which is 30 minutes and 6 seconds later then tonight. That’s the Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend. In 2016 on that day, we had fog and temperatures between 69 and 45 degrees. Typically, you have temperatures between 71 and 49 degrees. The record high of 92 degrees was set back in 1941.

Looking ahead, Mother’s Day is in 3 weeks and Father’s Day is in 8 weeks.

I’m off to sleep in the bed of my pickup truck. I’m tired. Good night.

Not a terrible week ahead, fairly warm the second half of the week. Low dew points so it won’t be real oppressive. Some of the days will be rainy and some will be sunny, but that’s to be expected this time of year. Get out and enjoy the nice days when you can — Monday looks to be a particularly beautiful day, with deep blue skies and a low dew point so it will be very clear.

Weather Summary
Tonight. Mostly Clear and 43 degrees , 5:58 sunrise.
Monday. Sunny and 69 degrees , 39 max dew point, 7:48 sunset.
Monday Night. Partly Cloudy then Chance of Rain and 45 degrees , 5:56 sunrise.
Tuesday. Rain is likely and 55 degrees , 7:49 sunset.
Tuesday Night. Rain is likely and 48 degrees , 5:55 sunrise.
Wednesday. Chance of Showers and 65 degrees , 45 max dew point, 7:50 sunset.
Wednesday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 55 degrees , 5:53 sunrise.
Thursday. Partly Sunny and 77 degrees , 57 max dew point, 7:51 sunset.
Thursday Night. Chance of Showers and 56 degrees , 5:52 sunrise.
Friday. Chance of Showers and 75 degrees , 60 max dew point, 7:53 sunset.
Friday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 52 degrees , 5:51 sunrise.
Saturday. Partly Sunny and 73 degrees , 54 max dew point, 7:54 sunset.
Saturday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 51 degrees , 5:49 sunrise.

President Trump’s First 100 Days: An ‘Entry-Level’ Presidency

"This man is without experience, and it's showing," said Robert Dallek, the presidential historian and author of multiple books on presidents, from Roosevelt and Truman to Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan. "Particularly in his dealings with Congress, he's been an utter failure in the sense that he's gotten nothing passed. He's issuing all sorts of executive orders, like immigration limits; they're failing. The attempt to get health care reform failed. I'd give him failing marks for his 100 days."