Map: Andersen Hill And Potato Hill State Forest

Map: Andersen Hill And Potato Hill State Forest

Andersen Hill State Forest (eastern portion of map) encompasses 554 acres of forested land. Interior access to the State Forest is provided by a 1.6-mile seasonal public forest access road.

Potato Hill State Forest (western portion of map) encompasses 915 acres of land. There is a 5.2-acre pond located in the northern portion of the forest.

What do Trump’s 2005 tax returns reveal?

"It's first important to note that there are limitations: they don't show us details about his sources of income, or expenditures like charity. But they do reveal Trump did pay some taxes in 2005 — previous tax-return leaks indicated he could have written off hundreds of millions of dollars in tax bills over time. "

"We also learn that he, like many, took advantage of tax loopholes, writing off more than a hundred million dollars in business losses to lower his taxable income. That landed him at a tax rate of about 25 percent."

"One reason Trump ended up paying as much as he did in taxes in 2005 is because of the alternative minimum tax, which targets the wealthy to make sure they don’t get to write off too much and pay very little. During his campaign, Trump said he wanted to eliminate this specific tax."

Three and half weeks ago it was  74 degrees. That’s a fact one will not forget looking ahead at the forecast. And let’s not forget the average high for today is 44 degrees, and for the first day of spring, it is 47 degrees.

But we won’t see weather like that anytime, with temperatures running a bit on the cold side of things for early January — and quite cold for late March. Winter came late, but it’s here for at least the next week.

Even on the full day of spring — March 20th — we are only going to reach 39 degrees or eight degrees below normal.

Weather Summary
Today. Scattered Snow Showers
and Areas Blowing Snow and
24 degrees , 4 max wind chill, 7:02 sunset.
Tonight. Chance of Snow Showers
and Areas Blowing Snow and
13 degrees , -3 max wind chill, 7:03 sunrise.
Thursday. Mostly Cloudy and 27 degrees , -3 max wind chill, 7:03 sunset.
Thursday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 10 degrees , 7 max wind chill, 7:01 sunrise.
Friday. Sunny and 34 degrees , 8 max wind chill, 7:04 sunset.
Friday Night. Chance of Snow and 20 degrees , 20 max wind chill, 6:59 sunrise.
Saturday. Chance of Snow then Chance of Rain/Snow and 37 degrees , 20 max wind chill, 7:05 sunset.
Saturday Night. Chance of Rain/Snow and 29 degrees , 25 max wind chill, 6:57 sunrise.
Sunday. Partly Sunny and 37 degrees , 24 max wind chill, 7:07 sunset.
Sunday Night. Partly Cloudy and 20 degrees , 16 max wind chill, 6:56 sunrise.
Monday. Mostly Sunny and 39 degrees , 16 max wind chill, 7:08 sunset.
Monday Night. Chance of Snow Showers and 25 degrees , 22 max wind chill, 6:54 sunrise.
Tuesday. Mostly Cloudy and 42 degrees , 22 max wind chill, 7:09 sunset.

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Map: Christman Sanctuary

Map: Christman Sanctuary

The Nature Conservancy acquired the original 97 acres in 1970 from Lansing and Lucille Christman, son and daughter-in-law of William W. Christman. The site is a Registered National Historic Landmark listed by the New York State Historic Trust. Lands adjacent to the Christman Sanctuary are the focus of continued protection efforts by the Conservancy and local land trusts.

A highlight of the Christman Sanctuary is the Bozenkill, with its 30-foot waterfall and numerous lesser cascades. Alternate layers of sandstone and shale are found in the large pool at the foot of the waterfall.

Gross Domestic Product of Canada, per Capita (2010 Dollars)

Canada saw a modest jump in it's gross domestic product after passage of the North America Free Trade Agreement, although not as big as Mexico, as Canada previously had much lower tarriffs on many products traded with the United States then Mexico.

Data Source:
World Bank, Constant GDP per capita for Canada [NYGDPPCAPKDCAN], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, March 15, 2017.