Google’s Schmidt Flags Promise in New Goodenough Battery

A new and more powerful generation of batteries may be made entirely from glass, according to the conclusions of Goodenough and his team of researchers published by the U.K. Royal Society of Chemistry. They store and transmit energy at temperatures lower than traditional lithium-ion packs and can be made using globally abundant supplies of sodium.

The research could result in “a safe, low-cost all-solid-state cell with a huge capacity giving a large energy density and a long cycle life suitable for powering an all-electric road vehicle or for storing electric power from wind or solar energy,” the researchers wrote in the peer-reviewed journal Energy & Environmental Science.

United States vs China’s Population, 1960-2015

A look at 55 years of population growth between China and United States. China had 667 million persons in 1960, while the United States had 180 million. In 1982, China grew to one billion in population. In 2006, the United States grew to 300 million in population. By 2015, it China's population grew to 1,317 million in population while the United States had 321 million in population.

Data Source: World Bank, Population, Total for United States and China, retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, March 13, 2017.

Map: Dutch Settlement State Forest

Map: Dutch Settlement State Forest

Consisting of one of the highest hills above the Schoharie Valley, the 860-acre Dutch Settlement State Forest is crossed by the Long Path and has a lean-to, off of Treadlemire Road in Middleburgh. The village of Middleburgh is roughly 5 miles down Cotton Hill Road from here.

Cotton Hill State Forest is nearby Dutch Settlement State Forest and is commonly confused -- as the summit of Cotton Hill is in Dutch Settlement State Forest and not Cotton Hill State Forest, which was acquired first. Part of the long path runs along Cotton Hill State Forest.

Record Breaking Snowfalls by Day in Albany

The week of Ides of March (March 15th) is when Albany is most likely to get a record breaking snowfall, historically. Based on the history records, an heavy snowfall in Albany is 10 inches, while an exceptional snowstorm is above 15 inches in Albany. Granted, Albany doesn't get nearly as much snow as other parts of the state.

Data Source: National Weather Service, Official Snowfall Measurements, Albany International Airport