1993 Storm of the Century

Today in 1993, Albany received the Storm of the Century. I remember the storm that left over 2 feet of snow in Albany, and close to 3-4 feet at my parents house in Westerlo -- I dug snow tunnels in the driveway. As a young kid, I though it was a very fun snowstorm.

Good morning! With all that bright sunshine it doesn’t seem like the time change impacted much but it sure is cold this morning with mercury only around 16 degrees.  There is a northwest breeze at 6 mph. Later it only get up to 29 degrees, which is pretty darn cold when the typical high temperature for today is 45 degrees.

The sun will set at 7:00 pm with dusk around 7:28 pm, which is one minute and 10 seconds later than yesterday. Today will have 11 hours and 51 minutes of daytime, an increase of 2 minutes and 53 seconds over yesterday. Daylight Savings Time is nice.

That said for some reason, I woke up at 2 AM and struggled to get back to sleep until around 5 AM. I ended up sitting in bed, listening to podcasts. I can say now I am an authoritative expert on the economics of violence at Chuck E. Cheese from the Freaknomics Podcast, and the hour of Cam Edwards program got me learning what conservatives are thinking – at least pig farming, bacon and gun loving conservatives. (If you raise hogs, you have to own guns to shoot them and butcher them into bacon, after all.) Cam Edwards is the kind of gun-toating, freedom-loving conservative I like, not the racist, unthinking conservative like Donald John Trump. I also like it when he has Charles Cook of the National Review on his show — he always is very interesting perspectives on the issues of the day. I guess I’m no more drowsy then the typical person on the first day of Daylight Savings Time, and I didn’t drive to work, so no risk of falling asleep behind the wheel and getting into a wreck. If I’m real tired this afternoon, I’ll set my phone alarm to wake me up before my bus stop.

My new waffle maker seemed to work fine, but I need to develop a better system at heating the frozen fruit, making lunch and keeping dishes cleaned as things go along.  I also think I need to get some better waffle mix, and get the proportions right in the mix. I only want to make to make like 2-3 waffles a day, at absolute most, but the directions often call for 8-10. You would think it would be as simple as halving the ingredients but I found that didn’t work right. I’m sure I will get the routine down in the coming days — it’s different then the frozen waffles.

Tonight will have a chance of snow, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low of 21 degrees at 4am. Five degrees below normal. East wind 3 to 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. In 2016, it got down to 40 degrees with periods of rain. The record low of -6 occurred back in 1948.

Today in 1991, the Justice Department announces that Exxon has agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Petroleum spills are quite a mess, especially when you spill millions of gallons of heavy crude oil into the Alaskan ocean. Two years later was the blizzard of 1993, when 22 inches of snow fell. I remember digging snow tunnels at my parents house. I think they had nearly three feet of snow there. This time of the year for the big snow storm, and indeed tomorrow’s storm keeps growing into more of a monster. Possibly 18 inches? I’m sure the buses will be running and I’ll make it to work but I’ll want my big boots. That said, I hope to get out before 6 PM tomorrow, so I have the best chance possible of catching one of the buses that are supposedly running every 15 minutes, but probably will be either running late or be all bunched up due to winter delays.

Let us not forget that next Monday is the first day of calendar spring. I’m the words of Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth.” I always thought Buffalo Springfield had a nice cowboy hat. Possibly 18 inches of snow in the meantime, tomorrow. But if “God Puts It Here, He’ll Take It Away”. Eventually things will warm up and snow will melt away.

Looking ahead, there are 5 weeks until Patriots Day when the sun will be setting at 7:40 pm with dusk at 8:10 pm. On that day in 2016, we had mostly sunny skies and temperatures between 76 and 36 degrees. Typically, the high temperature is 59 degrees. We hit a record high of 91 back in 2002. Patriots Day is never the same in Boston since the Boston bombing.

Change Over Previous Year, February CO2 Levels Measured at Mauna Loa Observatory

Every day since 1959, researchers have been measuring the carbon dioxide levels at Mauna Loa Observatory. The increase over the previous year varies a bit due to economic slowdowns and natural forces, but generally speaking, carbon dioxide levels are accelerating in their increase every year. While a yearly increase of 0.5 ppm or 1.0 ppm were common in the 1960s, nowadays with more fossil fuels being burned, carbon dioxide levels are accelerating on a yearly rate of often exceeding 2.5 ppm, sometimes as a high 3.76 ppm in February 2016 vs February 2015 levels. Never in modern history has carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere fallen from one year to the next.

Data Source: Mauna Loa Observancy, monthly CO2 levels. ftp://aftp.cmdl.noaa.gov/products/trends/co2/co2_mm_mlo.txt

Traffic Deaths, Mondays, 2015

Does the start of Daylight Savings Time lead to more people dying on the highway? The answer is yes, at least in 2015. Daylight Savings Time began on March 8, 2015. There was a spike in fatalities on highways on the first two Mondays after start of Daylight Savings Time in 2015, increasing over 20% over the fatalities that normally occur during the winter months of January, February, March. Highway fatalities on Mondays increase in the summer and peak in Autumn, most likely due to the shorter days.

Data Source: NHTSA, Fatality Analysis and Reporting System. https://www-fars.nhtsa.dot.gov/QueryTool/QuerySection/Report.aspx

Good morning! Monday’s come back around again. One day until the big snow storm. Partly sunny and 9 degrees in Delmar, NY. Calm wind. Cold start to the morning. 

It is about 7:20 AM. I hope you remembered to set your alarm clock ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time. 

Today will be partly sunny, with a high of 29 degrees at 3pm. 14 degrees below normal. Northwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the afternoon. A year ago, we had mostly cloudy skies and a high of 59 degrees. The record high of 70 was set in 2012. 22 inches of snow fell back in 1993. Maybe not that much on Tuesday but still a big snow storm. 

On Tuesday look for Heavy Snow. Winds will increase during the afternoon. High 26F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 100%. A foot or more of snow expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

  • 1 inch – 8 AM
  • 2 inches – 9 AM
  • 3 inches – 10 AM
  • 4 inches – 11 AM
  • 5 inches – 12 PM
  • 6 inches – 1 PM
  • 7 inches – 2 PM
  • 9 inches – 3 PM
  • 10 inches – 4 PM
  • 11 inches – 5 PM
  • 12 inches – 6 PM
  • 13 inches – 7 PM
  • 14 inches – 10 PM
  • 15 inches – 1 AM
  • 16 inches – 6 AM
  • 17 inches – 4 PM
Map: Fairfield State Forest

Map: Fairfield State Forest

Fairfield State Forest encompasses 815 acres of land. It offers opportunities for recreational activities that are best enjoyed in remote, relatively undisturbed natural forest areas such as hunting, trapping, primitive camping, and snowmobiling. Additional access is provided by a 2.0 mile public forest access road and by Jenksville Hill Road, a seasonal town road (not plowed) that cuts through the forest.