2016 September 21

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September 2016
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Good evening! Mostly clear and 66 degrees in North Syracuse. Calm wind. The dew point is 52 degrees. It was a nice day, with some good weather. A less crazy day at work, although I was fairly busy.

Went to a barbecue catered by Limp Lizard BBQ joint, and it sure was good food and delicious dinner. Certainly the morning walk along Onondaga Lake was quite nice this morning. All and all a pretty good day for a Hump Day. The weekend looks quite nice, although quite cool. Broke out my long sleeve shirt and vest for the first time this fall today — and i will certainly need them for the weekend. The high temperatures will only be in the mid-60s by Saturday. Definitely very autumn like. Still thinking about watching the sun set on Saturday or Sunday.

Fairly cool tonight but not frigid. It will be mostly clear, with a low of 52 degrees at 5am. Three degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 52 at 9pm. Calm wind. The record low of 31 occurred back in 1962. Waning Gibbous Moon tonight with 59% illuminated. The moon will rise around 10:50 pm. The Last Quarter Moon is on Friday at 9:56 am with partly cloudy expected. The Full “Hunter” Moon is on Sunday, October 16th at 4:23 am.

Tomorrow will be sunny, with a high of 82 degrees at 2pm. 12 degrees above normal. Warm day again, but not too humid. Maximum dew point of 57 at 6pm. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon. The record high of 95 was set in 1895. The sun will rise at 6:52 am with the first light at 6:23 am, which is 1 minutes and 6 seconds later then yesterday.

Looking ahead, Yom Kippur is in 3 weeks and First Day with Temperatures Recorded Below Zero is in 10 weeks.

Map: Twin Mountain

Map: Twin Mountain

Twin Mountain is a mountain located in Greene County, New York. Twin gets its name from its two summits; the lower, 3,590-ft (1,090 m) peak is about .5 miles (0.8 km) to the southeast of the higher. The mountain is part of the Devil's Path range of the Catskill Mountains. To the northwest, Twin Mtn. is separated from Sugarloaf Mountain by Pecoy Notch; to the southeast, Twin Mtn. is separated from Indian Head Mountain by Jimmy Dolan Notch.


While summer has kept warm, I think it’s in dying last breath with the latest forecast for Syracuse. The humidity levels are expected to be fall like all week long, with nights after Thursday night, dropping down in the forties. Should be good weather for getting out your long sleeve shirts and vests, and enjoying a nice fall hike.

Weather Summary
Today. Sunny and 81 degrees , 53 max dew point, 7:02 sunset.
Tonight. Mostly Clear and 53 degrees , 53 max dew point, 6:53 sunrise.
Thursday. Mostly Sunny and 82 degrees , 58 max dew point, 7:00 sunset.
Thursday Night. Mostly Cloudy then Isolated Showers and 61 degrees , 59 max dew point, 6:54 sunrise.
Friday. Scattered Showers and 72 degrees , 60 max dew point, 6:58 sunset.
Friday Night. Isolated Showers and 48 degrees , 6:55 sunrise.
Saturday. Mostly Sunny and 64 degrees , 47 max dew point, 6:56 sunset.
Saturday Night. Mostly Clear and 43 degrees , 6:56 sunrise.
Sunday. Sunny and 61 degrees , 42 max dew point, 6:54 sunset.
Sunday Night. Partly Cloudy and 42 degrees , 6:57 sunrise.
Monday. Mostly Sunny and 66 degrees , 47 max dew point, 6:53 sunset.
Monday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 49 degrees , 6:58 sunrise.
Tuesday. Scattered Showers and 69 degrees , 53 max dew point, 6:51 sunset.

Good morning! What day is it? The last day of calendar summer, of course. A really nice one, that will warm up a lot. It was 56 degrees when I awoke, and walking along the lake it started to warm up nicely. Currently, mostly sunny and 65 degrees in North Syracuse. Calm wind. The dew point is 53 degrees. Very low humidity, quite clear, although there was some haze over the Syracuse skyline when I went for a walk along Onondoga Lake. The lake was very still when I was out walking.

We have a very nice last day of summer on tap…

Today will be sunny, with a high of 81 degrees at 3pm. 11 degrees above normal. Warm but very low humidity. Maximum dew point of 53 at 9am. Dew point will drop to below Calm wind becoming west around 6 mph in the afternoon. The record high of 95 was set in 1895.

This morning was great down by the lake. Stopped and took some pictures, hope to upload them later on. Lots of ducks on the lake and even the air had the earthy smell of fall. I’m sure a lot of farms are chopping corn in the area, especially in the more agricultural areas to the west and north. I like autumn a lot, and while the long nights are a bit annoying, they are just part of the whole cycle of things. The sun wasn’t so bad driving to the office — it was downright awful yesterday, although it helped that I wore sunglasses.

The sun will set at 7:02 pm with dusk around 7:30 pm, which is 1 minutes and 49 seconds earlier than yesterday. Tomorrow for the first time this year, the sun will set before 7 PM, at least here in Syracuse. Today will have 12 hours and 9 minutes of daylight, a decrease of 2 minutes and 55 seconds over yesterday. Tomorrow, despite being the first day of autumn, will have 12 hours and 6 minutes of daylight due to refraction of light in the atmosphere.

Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low of 53 degrees at 6am. Four degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 53 at 6pm. Light and variable wind. The record low of 31 occurred back in 1962.

There are 3 weeks until Yom Kippur when the sun will be setting at 6:25 pm with dusk at 6:53 pm. The average high temperature is 61 degrees, with a record high of 85 in 1954. It’s remarkable how fast the daylight disappears come autumn, to say nothing about the rapidly dropping temperatures. Tomorrow the next fall foliage report comes out, and it will be interesting to see what they report.