2016 September 11

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September 2016
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Good evening! Clear and 72 degrees in Brooklyn. There is a north-northwest breeze at 14 mph. The dew point is 47 degrees. It has definitely cooled down and cleared out a lot from earlier. A sad day as we marked the fifteenth anniversary of September 11th, I got to spend several hours today at the Coney Island Boardwalk and Beach, swimming in the ocean. The water was still reasonably warm and the skies cleared out decently by mid-afternoon.

Tonight will be clear, with a low of 64 degrees at 4am. Maximum dew point of 48 at 1am. North wind 11 to 14 mph. Waxing Gibbous Moon tonight with 69% illuminated. The moon will set around 4:22 am. The Full “Corn” Moon is on Friday at 7:05 pm with mostly clear skies expected.

Tomorrow will be sunny, with a high of 75 degrees at 12pm. Nice day on tap with a maximum dew point of 51 at 4pm. Northeast wind 6 to 9 mph becoming southeast in the afternoon. The record high of 94 was set in 1947. The sun will rise at 6:33 am with the first light at 6:06 am, which is 58 seconds later then yesterday.

Looking ahead, First Day with More Night then Day in Albany is in 2 weeks, Harvest Moon is in 5 weeks, First Day of Sunset Before 6 PM in Albany is in 6 weeks, National Candy Corn Day Day is in 7 weeks, Daylight Savings Time Ends is in 8 weeks, Veterans Day is in 2 months, First Day on Average with Low of Freezing is in 9 weeks and Christmas is in 15 weeks.

Good morning! Today is September 11th. I remember that morning during my freshman year of Hudson Valley Community College, with the bright blue skies, the blue Plymouth Sundance, listening to the radio and hearing the awful news. I remember thinking how unusual it was without the airplanes passing overhead, and with classes canceled for the day, I ended up going to Partridge Run WMA and hiking around four about two hours. It is really sad to hear as they read the names on the television news this morning.

Right now on the city, weather is pretty somber. Mostly cloudy and 77 degrees in Brooklyn. There is a west-southwest breeze at 13 mph. The dew point is 71 degrees. Some clearing from day break, with the skies showing more blue skies around noontime. Not as hot as it was yesterday. I’m sure it will be cooler upstate though.

Today will be scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly before noon. Cloudy early, then gradual clearing, with a high of 85 degrees at 2pm. Maximum dew point of 71 at 9am. Southwest wind 11 to 13 mph becoming northwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 50%. The sun will set at 7:09 pm with dusk around 7:37 pm, which is 1 minutes and 40 seconds earlier than yesterday. Today will have 12 hours and 36 minutes of daylight, a decrease of 2 minutes and 38 seconds over yesterday.

Tonight will be clear, with a low of 64 degrees at 6am. Much cooler with a comfortable dew point. Maximum dew point of 57 at 6pm. North wind 10 to 13 mph.

There are 2 weeks until First Day with More Night then Day in Albany when the sun will be setting at 6:46 pm with dusk at 7:13 pm. The average high temperature is 68 degrees, with a record high of 89 in 1970.