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August 2016
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In two weeks, which is September 14th, back in 1963 the mercury dropped below freezing — to 32 degrees. Summer won’t last forever. Granted, freezing temperatures are exceptionally rare in mid-September in Albany, they aren’t some kind of impossible notion that never happens. The average high is 73 degrees with a low of 52 degrees, so if the weather is typical, you won’t need your thermal underwear yet.

In four weeks on September 28 the sun will be setting at 6:40 pm, which is 49 minutes earlier then today. The average high is 67 degrees, and the record for that date is 83 degrees was set not that long ago back in 2014.

Columbus Day is Monday, October 10th this year. That’s only 40 days away. That should be peak color in many of the lower elevations, although I’m sure it will just be mostly bare trees at Moose River Plains at that point.

I am not expecting the clouds to break this afternoon. So around dark, it we will have mostly cloudy conditions and temperatures around 76 degrees.  Somewhat humid,  with a dew point around 64 degrees. There will be a southwest breeze at 6 mph.

The sun will set at 7:29 pm with dusk around 7:58 pm, which is 1 minutes and 42 seconds earlier than yesterday. New moon tonight. The Full “Corn” Moon is on Friday, September 16th at 7:05 pm.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, with a high of 79 degrees at 3pm. Two degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 63 at 6am. Northwest wind 5 to 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Some clearing expected in the afternoon, but won’t be a real great afternoon. The record high of 96 was set in 1953.

Map: Calico Pond

Map: Calico Pond

Gee Brook State Forest encompasses 878 acres. It is a small but popular area that offers a variety of recreational activities including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, bird watching, nature viewing and snowmobiling. Gee Brook is named for the beautiful sparkling creek that gently flows through the peaceful forest.

Informal foot trails are located along the stream and ponds. There are also two Public Forest Access Roads (Ace of Spades Rd. and Calico Pond Rd.) that provide entry into each of the respective north and south portions of the property. Nature observers and hunters can also enjoy the many species of plants and animals throughout this heavily forested area.

Camping is allowed at Calico Pond at designated sites, by permit only. Permits are available through the forest ranger or the Cortland DEC office, call 607-674-4017. The access bridge leading to Calico Pond over Gee Brook no longer provides vehicular access, although it is maintained as a foot bridge. An informational map of the camping area and its three camping sites is available.